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Jessica William

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I was watching Amazing Saturday videos then I came across this video of Key. The title "Seventeen's 15th member, Kibum... Pretty. U. ✌((Why 15th...? Because 14th is me..)) Is the staff a Carat 😂 Hoshi would be happy to have Key 😂

I wanna thank the stylists for making him look so amazing with these outfits 🔥

A shawol's review after watching Amazing Saturday They were so cute but I thought they were overenergetic But then I saw the comments and CARATs were like, Our babies were so nervousㅠㅠ If they weren't nervous just how would they have acted 😅😂😂

Do you recall what happened with our mass streaming yesterday? It was literally amazing , and it gave us all the motivation we needed because we all knew we weren't the only ones continuing streaming. So caratdeul can we repeat the same vibe we did yesterday?

As I’ve always said, BTS has amazing debut week in Korean charts but has even more amazing longevity and that’s what matters the most

got a few rage when i tweeted this, but now this song, next level, already went number 1 in spotify kr, apple & youtube music kr, bugs, genie, flo and now melon. congratulations for the amazing peats you achieved this era. we're excited for what's coming next.

: i enjoy being with her, i enjoy her presence, i enjoy working with her and she’s an amazing person.

Good morning! Remember to make the most of this day, you never know what amazing things could come your way, and what you could achieve. Make this a great start to the rest of your week!

eu antes do louis tweetar: life sucks I hate everything louis tweetou: omg life is amazing I love everything

Happy anniversary to my amazing husband ♥️ Shangase, Shuku Mashiyamahle, Ndaleka

"Excuse me, do you mind if my friends and I take a look at your island?" Lots of Puffins, Razorbill and Common Guillemots have been hanging around Rockabill. It would be amazing if some of them started nesting here. Unfortunately, Terns are very noisy neighbours.

He's an amazing soul with young eyes, a vintage heart, and a beautiful mind 🥰🥰❤️❤️ 😘😘

Happy 35th Birthday Kim Ryeowook. you are amazing and I hope you enjoy each moment of the day. Have fun and live on

to Baby HS first flight exp BKI-KUL during MCO 3.0. Alhamdulillah she was well-behaved, MAS special assistance were beyond amazing especially handling special case for my visually impaired (blind) husband! From ground staff to onboard crews. Thank you

Tom Brown, retired engineer, has saved around 1,200 types of apples from extinction over 25 years.

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World Club Dome Winter Edition 2018 Had an amazing time!

Democrats need to run someone amazing for that seat. It’s a long shot but it’s still worth trying to complete in every race.

Reading some amazing write-ups about This Man. He earned respect as a star and as a Human being 🥺❤ Happy Birthday King 💖