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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Hey guys, let’s save the planet and hold a Guinness World Record! Join & and register to be part of the team. Click this link for more information: Reuse. Reduce, Recycle! ♻️✨

so please tell me the girls were shooting a video content that day

TIFFANY SO BOOKED AND BUSY THIS YEAR. 🥺💗 Chicago The Musical - until Dec 2021 SBS Mobidic Breakfast with Tiffany- July 2021 Mnet Girls Planet 999- as Mentor. August 2021 KBS Pet Vitamin Season 2- as MC. filming starts July 2021.

Police in Bloomington say they are looking for a missing 11-year-old girl with autism. |

That's how you get the girl

BOOK OF THE WEEK: Daisy Chain 's delightful novel about two women whose lives become intertwined in the wake of World War I. Inspired by activists, The Glasgow Girls, it is a story of independence, resilience and female friendship. Out now from !

I almost lost my motivation and forgot how to draw my robots, but then I remembered that I have an L200 Boys love girls, food, and power

Omg the girls are here 😲😲


predebut mys, let's do a virtual hug because we really went from defending the girls like our entire lives depended on it to feeling proud of the girls like our kids just got a full time job 😭 im so happy rn 😭

Illustrator Eutalia Vina De la Paz shared the cultural inspiration behind her art in ' new multimedia initiative, Our Stories in Vivid Color. The series celebrates the stories of BIPOC girls & gender non-conforming youth.

Baby husky grows up with baby girl — and they have a language their parents don't even understand 💙

none of us are "haters". we wouldn't be working this hard to get the girls attention about all these problems if we hated them...

Fun Fact: This is the 2nd picture in one day, you guys are so spoilt

When a young girl is forced into marriage, her childhood is sacrificed. Her education is lost. Her safety is at risk. Tell world leaders: No girl under 18 should be . now:

please try to be kind to everyone, fanbases or not please be respectful, we’re all here to give love and support the girls and please start donating ruby hearts now on idolchamp for rv’s ad fundraising event😭

Join the adventure and play as your favourite DC Super Hero in DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power, out now on Nintendo Switch. Find out more:

girls want this

I hope girls think that me making my cars less reliable is cool