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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Leo Messi's first goal for and look how much it means to the whole squad ❤️💙

BoA is a champion for women. she don't speak over us or look down upon us. she has a better understanding and respect of our role in society-

Finished up some of Thomas Faces, made some vinyl eyebrows to go with them as well, I think they look pretty good don’t you?

Look at the scorers…my heart

29 years old calling men role models bc they don’t look down on women, this should be a NORMAL thing 🙁 a fish finally decided to start swimming

I look ugly asf ik Rts okay (They/she) Woah it’s pussy wearing glasses that’s rare

my bangs r growing out so I just have to put them to one side for now. I wanna look like Mercedes from Fire Emblem •w•

Rosé and Talia, they both look so gorgeous and lovely 🖤

like... look where he put it fam. LOOK.

Just look what his first PSG goal meant to Lionel Messi 🤩

bruh the gamestop at my mall closed awhile back and look what they’re replacing it with, looks like some kind of gay bar

According to magazine,Daniel Craig told Catherine "You look jolly lovely" when they met tonight 😍❤I think we can all agree with him!!❤

And now that the prosecutors HAVE the files with evidence of more Giuliani crimes, the prosecutors should be able to get a new warrant to look at the other crimes Rudy has been committing...

Megan thee stallion reposted cardi (Mugler look) on her Instagram story .

Hey, sorry about that, I think I must have fallen asleep in the water for a little bit. Weird dreams though. Everything looks… a little bigger somehow?? Maybe I’m still drowsy… Hm? I should look behind me? Why would I loo-

who would go through the process to look like her….

I may be seeing patterns that don't exist, but when I look at who uses this phrase...

Might not get the credit he deserves but Donnarumma has been superb tonight. Looks unbeatable