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Jessica William

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John Doe

PHP Developer

Paaah!!! Advance happy bday na!! Kizhi first look!! Happy bday

ahh look at him!!!

this look really yyds... 😭❤️

They look so fine...also this intro is God tier

I'm sorry but i'm never going to get over this hairstyle, taehyung looks so beautiful


bambam looks so good

The first look at The Shazam Family in ‘SHAZAM: FURY OF THE GODS’ has been released. (Source: )

The Shazam Family looks incredible. Like, I'm literally freaking out over this!

jimin looks like an actual prince


Look at his chain and piercing shimmering in the light makes him look angelic Fuck jungkook looks like a prince

Finally TITLE Reveal Looks very promising and full mass entrainment film Anna is ready to create records on platforms 💥🔥 Happy Birthday in advance Nanba 🎉🎉😎

Dawg she genuinely looks so good like mannnn

Hongjoong’s first impression of Maddox was someone who looks really good. When he heard Maddox’s voice he was really impressed by it he said “ah this person is really great”

Happy Birthday na.. Vera Level Look.. Mode🔥 Great year ahead with much of love and success

Look at him being so shy because the staff started clapping after he did the iconic part on Pandora for the highlight medley 😭

the cheekies are glowing and he looks so happy! Thank you for always participating these beautiful things and spreading happiness with your beautiful smile proud of you💙💙

the stage already looks so cool i'm so excited

yoongi looks so pretty in yellow