Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

That Smile makes me Happy That Words made me stronger That guts makes me Proud ❤️

girls don't want boyfriends, girls want to be called 'love' by louis tomlinson

Congratulations to our 5 All State 7A selections.

Reminder to campers this morning, we are on the soccer field in the NW corner of Burke's campus NOT the football field!



someone asked me if i’m interested in any girls or guys rn and i’m just happy that they remembered i’m bi but then again my bitmoji has the fucking bi flag

On Friday, our Year 7s took part in an inter-form book quiz in the library! The results of the quiz were: 1st place - 7L 2nd place - 7U and 7H 3rd place - 7M 4th place - 7F Well done 7L!

now this panel but it’s the Olympics and sakuatsu are each holding one of their twin girls' hands

okay at this point, i just want our fandom name to be something that means a lot to the girls. something that they actually thought of, themselves. something they actually made for us

Kubo went nuts with the designs for the Sternritter Spice Girls

Girls' this is how you welcome your husband 🤗

Hey Fans. I know you really miss SNSD, so here's a dance cover of MNL48 Grace dancing 'I Got A Boy' hope you liked it.

how to spell brave girls? eunji:

girls are like “you’re so pretty” no YOU’RE pretty YOU’RE pretty not me YOU’RE pretty

just girls being pals

They look amazing 💛🤍

What I don’t get is don’t you think the girls would want to know? don’t you think they would want to know they are potentially hurting people? You can’t tell me Yubin who posted for BLM wouldn’t want to know. You can’t convince me human ray of sunshine Minji wouldn’t want to know

Liu Xiening Off to Practice Room Again 🍬