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Jessica William

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~ A Smile In Your Heart~ 💚💚💚

Time to sleep now!! Goodnight Besties!

I am so impressed how managed to show another side of them through 'Story of Favorite'. This just proves how much capable and how talented all the members are.

Doyoung 💬 “The Favorite teasers will officially be released starting tomorrow” “Euak” “I hope you like it” “People have likes & dislikes for everything” “But I still want to say daringly” “That there won’t be likes & dislikes (for this song) hh... @” (meaning all will like it)

NCT taking the lead on taking risk of discovering new concepts~ and that they really pulled it off and rise at the top. Talented kings😌👌

NCT127 shows their versatility in this 4th full album~From 'Sticker'where they show how charismatic, sexy and powerful they are. Now in repack 'Favorite' they have shown not yet the full of how good they are in acting and delivering story emotions.And the MV haven't released yet!

I was thinking that Doyoung mentioned that their repack is a one of a kind love story and it shows indeed and Taeyong also said that it had the same vibe as 'Back2U'. So What if instead of having those sync dance MV, they will show us a Story kind of an MV?!! 😭

"You left and we stopped. But I keep flowing. It drives me crazy" "I constantly return and return into our terrible fate that has become fragments"

Jung Jaehyun--Best Actor🤧!!

Were really experiencing emotional pain, just for the teasers...How much more in the whole MV!!??!!

What if Jaehyun remembers everything and has been dreaming about his past lives. And those past lives were the different members of 127.


Did you all see that 'TEARS'?!!!!😭 JUNG JAEHYUN😭💔

'Favorite' brought so much pain😭 and this whole concept teaser are so life changing~damn What if the MV is also a painful one? were some of them cry? Waaaaah😭

'You leave and I Keep on Dreaming'- ☹️😭

The Line that hit so painfully😭~~ "If I had known the time left for you was this short, I would never have spent it."