Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Miracles do happen. ❤️ Thank you to anyone that shared my little sisters story. Life is precious ❣️

Ok, if we win tonight, a follower who Quote Tweets the hashtag will win this jigsaw puzzle from

With a little help from my good friends , I now have my own personal collectors edition of my own book, signed by one of the stars it the front cover. Big thanks to for signing this for me!

Don’t forget you’ve got a book waiting for you at Wrighty! I think tomorrow would be the perfect time to come & collect it….

Ticket still going for tonight’s game v Villa. Block 114 Row 13. £50.00 Will be eticketed immediately. Please RT! Can be easily vouched. Tks

Even the bloke interviewing taking the piss “Did you hear them???” 🤣

My Spurs supporting friends tell me their club is all about History… can say that again - another chapter written in the history books by Tottenham tonight

Just Tottenham lost.

Anyone got a single in block 29 for tomorrow?

Who’s got a grandad who’s a big arsenal fan that’s never been to the Emirates before and would love to go tomorrow? I have a ticket next to me I’m willing to give to them FREE! just have to come with smile on face & cheer when we score. Let me know

Westminster Abbey

Another lovely book review of today on courtesy of Thanks to you from the bottom and f my heart: Info to follow from but yes there will be an official launch in the Armoury post Newcastle on 27/11

Name a movie 🎥 everyone needs to see at least once in their lives

137 Champions league Goals. Tottenham 108

It wouldn’t be anyone else. Robbie Savage is going to need new pants Jesus Christ. Calm down mate.

BT Sport when Manchester United score