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Talking all things NBA with my man of at 11:30am ET. Check it out.

~ 3 ➖ Jazz ride Gobert’s 16 & 21 night in 21pt W over OKC - 6 players in double figures. ➖Jokic with an easy 27-13 night in 12pt W over the Suns. ➖Wizards 15pt W vs. Toronto. Beal w/ 23. Dinwiddie 13. ➖Kings upset Portland. Harrison Barnes w/ 36. Dame (8-24).

~ 2 ➖Maxey: 20 & 7 in place of Ben Simmons (W). ➖T’Wolves W over Rockets. KAT 30; Edwards 29; DLo 22. Jalen Green (-37) in debut. ➖Bulls 6pt W over Detroit. LaVine with 34; Vucevic 15 & 15. ➖Spurs: 7 players w/ 12+ points in 26-pt W over Magic. Jalen Suggs: (3-of-14)

Around the league (thread): ➖Knicks-Celtics double OT thriller: Randle 35 points. Brown: 46 points (most by a Celtic on opening night). ➖Hornets 1pt W vs Indy. LaMelo: 39-9-7. Duarte w/ 27 in debut. ➖Ja: 37-6-6 (W). Evan Mobley: 17-9-6 in debut.

Aaron Gordon swatted this into a different dimension

Jarrett Allen didn’t miss a shot in his first game as a $100 million player (11-of-11). 25 points, 3 steals, 3 blocks. He’s shot 100% in 9 games in his career (min. 5 FGA) before tonight. Only 23 years old.

Evan “don’t Google me” Fournier

Jaylen Brown has played 45 minutes and scored 46 points in an NBA game a few days after having COVID-19. I was winded wrapping Christmas presents.

Russ’ performance would be less concerning if this weren’t a continuation of his poor preseason play — and early red flags about the depth & fit alongside a ball-dominant LeBron James. Only game 1, but could he come off the bench if this continues?

The morning after… How we feeling?

Melo’s pump fake is undefeated 🤣

Bucks beat Brooklyn every which way tonight. Prevailed despite 32 & 11 from KD. Giannis remains unstoppable. Nets fall to 0-6 (at) Milwaukee since May 2, 2021.

Nets off to the races

Patty Mills is so much fun to watch.

Oh my god James Harden 😳

Khris Middleton just threw a DIME to Giannis

Giannis absolutely beasting the Nets on the boards. Might as well have just retweeted my tweets from the postseason.