Jessica William

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John Doe

PHP Developer


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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Seems like Amon got himself caught and chained up. I wonder what will happen next? 😏 Second version will follow soon~ Art done by the amazing @/deaddoginc Thank you so much <3

"Young Wolf's First Buck" - part 7 Looks like the wolf pack is going to hear about this one. ~ ~

[] I felt like my last YCHs did not give public kinks justice, so I'm hoping this one "fits" better! ;) This YCH is available, feel free to PM me on Discord, Telegram, or even here!

POV: You pick up smol Nargacuga

"Doe Mode" Bucks shed their antlers every year. They'll grow back, but until then, well... ~ ~

Get yourself some fresh WargreyMusk Giving this out in YCH format. Blue and Red to be won. ✅ Male characters ✅ Like ✅ Retweet ✅ Comment with your top game of 2021 will close and draw the two names in 24 hours from posting. Thank you 😉

A successful hunt! Super cute rabbit belongs to Art by: Nightarm on FA

Spoopy season is here.. Where all dem werewolves at?!

Wabbit Season >;3 A wonderful comm from the awesome Kogut_Klein on FA 👏🐇 Go check em out!

why does he have a knife? feat. as 'kobold with knife'

New character! :3 Art by @/RuhhRoh

You're next! Art by Vlada_Dusk on FA

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'Now where's my wallet...' Day 4: Pangolin!

For SkollDrake on FA ~

[] A 3 part commission for Lenwecatspurr[FA] []