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Jessica William

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Although I tend to be more concerned about my front story, here is a little of my backstory.

50th anniversary screening of “Citizen Kane” at ⁦⁩, Santa Monica Blvd., West LA, 1991.

What were the odds?

I found the study that the article is based on. Insight one: "All is bright … for high income... Of those planning to skip shopping, 65% are from low-income households."

"Lower-income Americans are starting to opt out of holiday spending" — I like "opt out." As if, gosh, we'd love to buy the pricey, spendy items, but you know, we're going to pass this time and choose to pay, well, rent, and medical bills, and possibly food.

That's every cat. Literally all of them. Ever. In the history of cats.

"This Christmas season will be marked by a growing divide between high and low earners, according to a study" — Breaking news: Poor people are going to be spending less cashola than their rich counterparts.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith 1987

Sometimes my cats look so devious when I walk in the room.

My 1986 parents: You can't date a marijuana dealer! My 2021 parents: Feeling depressed? Maybe smoke a joint?

Thank you to those who have responded to my book offers. You're helping us immensely. We are still waiting on Sam's retirement disability pension award. (God knows how long that will take.) And even after that, we are about to be buried in new medical bills based on recent scans.

At one point, I had over a million hits to my blog in a year, and the search string that brought folks to me over and over again was whether or not they were gay if they liked a finger up their butt. Not making that up.

This sale ends tonight if anyone's a fan of purchasing things at a reduced price.

Peter Murphy unavailable for comment.

Most of what I cook tends to happen as a result of trawling through my cookbook library, perusing one of the many and various food magazines which find their way into this house, or as a result of looking through the kitchen cupboards and fridge...

Good afternoon all! What is your favourite song where the title includes the word TIME or makes reference to a time?🤔 My favourite is ‘Midnight Lullabye’ by Tom Waits🙂

I moved some of my favorite posts over to and basically started again from scratch. Attempting to be beholden to no one. Embracing my ability to write exclusively for (and directly to) readers without any middlemen except the ghosts in my head.

A review that really nailed (ahem) exactly what I was going for. My little ABC books were super special to me.

Sam didn't sleep last night. So I didn't sleep last night.

I learned "chuffed" from and "faffed" from . 🤪