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Horrific and deeply shocking news. Thinking of David, his family and his staff.

I’m horrified by the reports regarding David Amess and an incident at his constituency surgery today. We don’t know the details yet but on behalf of all of us in the Labour Party I want to say all of our thoughts are with David and we all hope that he pulls through and is ok.

Tory Britain. 2 million more working people are living in poverty than in 2010 when the Tories came to power. How do they respond? Cut Universal Credit for working people on low income. Disgusting, immoral and economically stupid.

Here we go again. What a racket. "The lab is owned by Immensa Health Clinic, a private company that was first established in May 2020 and later handed a £120 million contract by the government to provide testing services for the UK."

The right to request flexible working is often just the right to be turned down. Yet again the Tories are selling out working people. This is why Labour will give all workers the right to flexible working from day one - not just the right to request it.

As I said 2 weeks ago in my speech to : “There is what appears to be a campaign in some parts of the media. The coverage of trans rights and trans issues is terrible… So I stand with and what you said about the treatment of these issues in the media.”

Research by shows that British people rightly want to see the end of zero hours contracts and an increase in sick pay. These policies are unarguable and would benefit workers, businesses and our wider economy.

You're invited to join us on the journey and have your say on the future of Destination: . Share your views for what you want from an integrated transport system in our online survey or in person on our bus tour across Greater Manchester 👇

When Tory Ministers say that fire and rehire is “completely unacceptable” 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

The Tories have taken over £1,000 out of the pockets of nurses, care workers and low income families who rely on Universal Credit. Meanwhile, Ben Goldsmith is being paid £1,000 a day to 'scrutinise' his own brother - Lord Goldsmith. What a racket.

I'm proud to support and the brilliant work that they do, and this latest campaign is so important. If we take action now we can end new cases of HIV by 2030

Where are the extra 6,000 GPs you promised us at the 2019 general election?

This is disgraceful if it’s true but won’t be a surprise given Ministers still refuse to outlaw fire and rehire. The Tories sell out working people at every possible opportunity. Fire and rehire is immoral, economically damaging and has absolutely no place in our society.

So out of touch. Millions of people are having to choose between heating and eating this winter and Tory Ministers are fighting like rats in a sack over a 115 room grace and favour country manor. And what about the bedroom tax for Chevening..?

This appointment is an insult to bereaved families and is the latest evidence that the appointments system in this country is completely broken and needs to be totally overhauled and replaced.

. should not be anywhere near this any other job. His only involvement in Covid response should be the public inquiry into the govnt’s mishandling of the pandemic and the ICO investigation into dodgy dealings when he was Health Secretary.

This appears to be unlawful and in breach of legislation relating to public inquiries, FOI & public records. Ministers shouldn’t be governing by messages that are deleted - this is completely undemocratic and an attack on transparency and accountability.