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Jessica William

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And my biggest flex is that I witnessed every single #1 bts has gotten on hot100.

Also never forget there was literally locals telling people how the word worked.

The longest block list I have ever made

“And If i speak” go on btch, bts still outselling, oustreaming, outcharting and outeverythinged your faves, bitter ass.

“They are over” and bts getting ready to come to the US to perform their albums and singles in their sold out stadiums.

Report -> block Do not engage whatsoever PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE DO NOT COMMENT Just mass report and block

When they realize BTS don’t even get 40% of the playlisting their western faves get but they still coming for their faves streams 🤭

“Most monthly listeners” well he better be with 1B playlist reach, lord.

BE has climbed 20 spots on WW iTunes to #67 and Map of the soul 7 has climbed 39 spots on WW iTunes to #83. 🔥

And they get mad when we call it “btspop” 🤭

Dynamite 🚀

Longest charting songs by a K-act on Global Spotify Top10: 1. Dynamite- 119 days 2. Butter- 43 days 3. My Universe- 26 days ** 4. BWL- 21 days Can we make it to 30 days?? Lets keep it stable!

🚨 7 HOURS LEFT 🚨 Today we were only 50K streams away from going to 4M filtered on Spotify so please turn on a playlist and lets boost it today!! We can do it!

Please make sure to add butter in all your playlists as much as possible. Don’t drop butter, we need the streams to stay stable in order to reach 1B streams. The more streams drop = the longer it’ll take so please KEEP BUTTER IN YOUR PLAYLISTS A LOT!

BTS has 3 songs that are less than 17M streams to surpass 300M on Spotify: PTD- 295.3M Euphoria- 286.7M Spring Day- 283.3M Add to your playlists!!

Next in line- Map of the soul: P- 235M left.

All albums by a Korean act that surpassed 2B streams on Spotify: 1. LY: Answer- 4.6B 2. Map Of The Soul: 7- 3.4B 3. BE- 2.1B 4. YNWA- 2B 5. LY: Tear- 2B 6. Young Forever- 2B (NEW) Only 6 albums by a K-act surpassed 2B streams on Spotify and 6/6 are by 🍷🔥