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Jessica William

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In all my years of doing press, I've been repeatedly asked about the white gaze. Rarely have I been set upon about the Black gaze; or the gaze distilled. This is an answer to a question rarely asked. An act of seeing. Of seeing THEM More words at 👇🏿

Lots of serious Clear Air over the Rockies and Plains today. The Northeast is in on this too around the big storm. Seat belts tight & go before you go (bathrooms in planes may not be accessible in turb.).

I made a minor contribution to a MAJOR release — an essay on being a student and discovering Lynne Ramsay’s RATCATCHER, out now on BluRay via 🙌🏿

Happy Birthday to these distinguished gentlemen, my brothers from another mother 💜

Emory’s been a team player — but AR is an unquestionable talent. Ceiling is SKY high and I know Stoops and Saban are so damn glad it took Mullen this long to commit to him

Oh damn I didn’t realize this is Sirianni’s first season 😵

Might the next Eagles coach be standing on the opposite sideline tonight? Or is he in Kansas City? Because between that offensive skill position group, next year’s draft picks on deck, age of the roster and state of the Eastern Division, that team is a tremendous opportunity 👀

But this… shouldn’t have even been a foul 🤷🏿‍♂️

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK that’s a FANTASTIC movie I mean… DAYUM Definitely check out THE RESCUE when it releases if you want your heart swelled to ABSOLUTE bursting, my goodness

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve paused and gasped and cried before resuming this film. Any there’s still at least forty damn minutes left this is NOT how expected my Tuesday night to go (But I did ask for the link so CLEARLY I had a hunch 😭)

I’m watching THE RESCUE. I thought I knew this story. But that was clearly cursory knowledge. Because the minutia of this event is gobsmacking. I implore anyone writing about this film to not spoil the details of what happened here. My jaw is on the fucking floor

from the Directors Guild of America:

That Boston robotics company needs to get to work on making impartial refs with 20/20 vision. This weekend has been FULL of terrible calls

Okay so clearly I just watch this Squid Game now 🙏🏿👌🏿

Coping mechanism while somewhere is lighting his third cigar rubbing his hands together waiting for Jacksonville 😵

This is the earned result. The fair result. Too many self-inflicted wounds. The CEO needs an audit. He's lost 2 to these guys in 4 years. And this time with the better roster. That thing at the end of the 1st half sealed it.

Since Stoops got into the refs ears they've called the Gators within an inch of their lives. That was not a false start. Nor was the previous one on Reese

With three timeouts in your pocket, why not run this same offense before the half? Why not uncork this speed option/mis-direction RPO game in the 3rd? He was just completely ENAMORED with winning the line of scrimmage for 3 quarters when it CLEARLY wasn't happening. Maddening

The same guy who can lose to LSU's practice squad but the next week take one of the best teams of the last decade to the wire. Not running a two-minute offense at the half and then going for long field goals cost him DEARLY. Coached with both hands in his pockets today

And somehow he will STILL find a way to scheme up a game that gives Georgia a fight the same way he did BAMA. Just an absolute ODDITY