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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

boone woulda let that erod shit rock like it was nothing

Suzy Kolber says Lewan is moving around fine now and being evaluated for a concussion. Big news

Just paid his 10k for hitting his parlay plus last time Bills played. Tonight we roll again. Bet a parlay plus and I will pick 1 to bet on and add 1k to my ticket for you. You must share the ticket via Twitter in the app and tag me to be eligible

Aaron Rodgers Saw a Woman In The Stands Give Him The Double Bird Which Prompted Him To Black Out And Scream “All My Fucking Life. I Own You. I Still Own You. I Still Own You.”

This waiting game is weird with Boone. Make sure you're caught up on the to help pass the time

Everyone please follow . He’s awesome and works his ass off

Aaron Rodgers is most definitely still Chicago's boogeyman. Wishing you nothing but peace and love

Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears. Aaron Rodgers owns Chicago. Aaron Rodgers owns . Mean, but true.

What a fucking scene

Making less teams want him so he’s all ours>>>

Electric. What a game

You gotta either fully sell out or do whatever you can to block the ball. Bold to ignore both options

Chris Taylor is so goddamn clutch

thanks hubbs. she went missing in madison, ct for anyone in the area

For any people in CT be on the look out for Torre