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Jessica William

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Do you think will reach $100K by the end of 2021? shared some insights on it:

Twitter opening up to , the , + and the coming - this is what is excited about. What about you? What are you looking forward to?

The hibernates during the winter, but the won’t.🐂📈

"AAX leaders talk about promoting the “mainstream adoption” of in a “maturing market.” Rather than Bitcoin being an “old boys club,” they want to see younger investors and millennials getting on to the Bitcoin bandwagon."

The crypto space is full of contradictions and inconsistencies. In this post, I approach some of these issues from an exchange point of view and talk more to the role exchanges might play in driving adoption.

Unfortunately, it seems there is another one of me out there. Be careful not to get scammed. I will never ask you to send me money or your password. I'm also not a prince or a long lost relative of yours. Be safe, and instead just follow my actual account:

For those of our users who want to take advantage of the opportunities in DeFi, without venturing into DeFi, keep a close eye on AAX Exchange.

I never developed the habit to save money. It seems this is because I had a fiat mindset. But now, I’m beginning to change and I know is the best savings technology.

We often hear about price targets - and the media play their part in driving hype around price targets. But is this a healthy way to approach the market? Do you have a price target?

The is now the 4th largest in , and since launching only a year ago is already the 5th largest . Let’s dig deeper to understand the meteoric rise of Terra, UST, and :

A crash course on with is like crashing into an ocean and sinking to the bottom full of fear of confusion, but then finding the bottom is filled with beautiful white pearls of knowledge and wisdom. 🦪✨

Analysts are saying Ethereum is bound to go to $6,000USD or above. shares his thoughts. Are you bullish on ? Or are you like "hell no", give me that sweet 🍯

AAX is a Diamond Sponsor to HK FintechWeek. responds.

In this video, we discuss some of the contradictions and tensions crypto exchanges need to navigate, and explore the question of what it means to operate a crypto exchange in this "transitory economy". Watch full video here:

Lessons from yesterday's pump and dump in the markets. "Don't wait for the news. Anticipate it." ☕️

The Whales are alive with the sound of music 🎶 A prepare to buy the dip moment.

And the winner, handpicked by on the basis of nice and genuine engagement: . Well done. Please DM because my inbox is too crazy. Thank you.

& Beyond videos now also converted to audio. Check it:

If you believe in , don’t long Bitcoin. Why risk liquidation? If you believe, you buy. If you want to speculate on market psychology and sentiment, or if you are serious about risk management, then trade futures. No, don’t trade on margin with your life savings.

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