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Jessica William

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Anyone who want to learn one way secularism then read replies from this below tweet , you'll find how one religion people is obsessed with " deeni taalim " ! Couple of example below ! 😂

Kashmir is that beautiful poetry of God which he wrote while experiencing together the highest form of happiness. The valley never fails to amaze tourists.

Manipulators always play the victim.

कुछ भी हो, सलामी तोप से ही देंगे!

On this day in 2001: iPod launches

Secular Adnan Khan who threatened Hindu women in the name of secular 'Samajwadi Party' and secular Ex UP CM Akhilesh Yadav, has now been arrested. Look at his mindset. He still sees Hindu women as sex slaves.

सुनो !! टिकैत किसान का वोट किसके लिए है, कमल तो किसान ही खिलाएगा और जैसे देश के किसान ने गुड से हमारा मुँह मीठा कराया है,वैसे जल्दी ही आपको हार का स्वाद भी चखाएगा।

21 अगस्त से 20 सितंबर 2022 के बीच कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष का चुनाव होगा - इतना समय लेकर कांग्रेस ये साबित करना चाहती है कि वह देश से भी बड़ी है इसलिए इतना समय चाहिए ! 😐

Action-reaction: * Islamist burn India over CAA — Rollout stalled. * Goons block highways, vandalise Delhi on R-Day, gang-rape at Tikri — Farm laws suspended. * Bengal post-poll massacre — Killers, rapists roaming. * Lakhimpur lynchings, Singhu Nihangs kill Dalit — No crackdown.

Blown away and mesmerised by this kids talent . He is beyond exceptional. Hats off to you god bless you. Had goosebumps watching him dance. 🙏🏼

कच्छ : 70 साल की बुजुर्ग महिला बनी माँ। माँ और बच्चा दोनो स्वस्थ्य। शादी के 45 साल बाद घर में आई खुशी। टेस्ट ट्यूब तकनीक के सहारे बुजुर्ग महिला बनी माँ। डॉक्टरों के लिए भी था प्रयास मुश्किल।

If this is true. need to pull this up. Passenger could not alight on the platform.

OMG!!! So cute 😍😍 Via WA..

: Terrorists have kidnapped a civilian Shakeel Ahmad Sofi at Nikloora in Pulwama of South Kashmir. Brother of Shakeel who is a TRF terrorist (Shamim) was arrested recently by Pulwama Police. Today 6 terrorists came & abducted Shakeel in a field. Massive manhunt launched.

Heard this one- An Indian male can never be an ‘Alpha’ because as soon as he's born he's called ‘Beta’.

That’s just phenomenal, The shortlisting of your book for this award is, in itself, a milestone in Indian automotive history. And, of course, your own life is deserving of a book titled ‘Timeless Adil!’

She wields a sword better than Wonder Woman, and teaches young women to stand up for themselves. Meet Meenakshi Amma, the 78-year-old Kalaripayattu guru...

"Those who attacked were terrorists, goons belonging to the majority community. 3 devotees were killed. government should take action to prevent such incidents in future": Vrajendra Nandan Das, Director-ISKCON National Communication on Bangladesh temple attack (ANI)