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Rebekah Barsotti was last seen in Superior, Montana in July. She was out hiking with her dog – and never seen again. Before disappearing – she met an intermediary at a gas station to get the rest of her things she had shared during her marriage. has more:

Thank you for your relentless determination to stop school shootings in the memory of your son Alex.

The Secret Service studied 67 averted school shootings. According to their data -- targets have been: 40% classmates 28% staff/admin 13% school resource officers 9% family 6% other law enforcement The report says school violence is preventable when warning signs are identified.

15-year-old Ethan Crumbley's parents had been summoned to the school the day before and the morning of the shooting.

The deputies took down the suspect with a loaded firearm. Heroes.

Lessons learned since Parkland. In the Michigan school shooting -- deputies immediately ran toward the gunfire into the school. They didn't wait or stage outside, according to the sheriff.

A sad reality for the families of missing people. Scammers with ransom calls – demanding money. Families are so desperate for information sometimes they fall for it. Lateche Norris' mother says she has received at least 5 – with scammers demanding up to $10,000.

I will be on NewsNation Prime in a few minutes with the latest on the search for Summer Wells today. 12 law enforcement agencies were out today. And at 10ET I’m filling in for Banfield and talking live to Lateche Norris’ mom. Norris went missing almost a month ago in San Diego.

Lateche was last seen arguing with her boyfriend Joey Smith. His location is also not known. Just got off the phone with Lateche's mom Cheryl -- you can imagine she is extremely worried and says Joey was abusive. More at tonight on NewsNation.

I'll be filling in for Banfield tonight at 10pmET on NewsNation - and interviewing Lateche Norris' mother about the 20-year-old's disappearance. She was last seen on 11/5 using a stranger's phone at a 7-11 in San Diego. If you have info -- call San Diego Police 619-531-2446.

Missing teen found after NewsNation story leads to tip. 15-year-old Haley Shell from Arkansas disappeared Oct. 1. Haley is back home with her family tonight.

A wave of smash and grab robberies from coast to coast. Top items stolen: 1. Designer clothes 2. Laundry detergent 3. Designer handbags 4. Allergy medicine 5. Razors

Thank you for including our Summer Wells story in your Holiday Escape . The reward is up to $70,000. Lets find Summer Wells!

Happy Thanksgiving!

And -- the reward for information in the disappearance of 5-year-old Summer Wells is now up to $70,000. We can't let this case go -- and will be diving into it again tonight on Banfield at 10pmET. See you tonight.

I'll be filling in for Banfield tonight at 10pmET on NewsNation. We will have analysis on the verdict in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. Also - do authorities have the gun Brian Laundrie used to kill himself? I've been digging on this. will be back on with me.

Travis McMichael, Gregory McMichael, and William Bryan will all remain in custody. Sentencing date not set yet.

William Bryan- Guilty on 7 of 9 counts

Gregory McMichael Malice Murder – not guilty Felony Murder - guilty Agg Assault - guilty False Imprisonment - guilty Crim Attempt to Commit Felony - guilty