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As we head closer to seeing Aryan Khan get a bail, I'm sharing screenshots of articles, videos & news content that are objectionable or fake. Strict legal action can be taken against them. Please share me more screenshots that I've missed so I can add it to this thread.

With every instance of targeting, the State pushes the limits of its power. With SRK, arguably the most famous Indian (+ Indian Muslim) in the world, it has flexed its muscles beyond recognition. The lack of pushback from Kumars/Kapoors/Singhs/Devgns emboldens it further.

+ He's 55, still one of our greatest film stars, watching helplessly as his 23-year-old son is held in jail without bail. Shahrukh's rise — middle class boy turned superstar — was once seen as a sign of the rise of New India. This Newer India, though, is a heartless place.

Shahrukh Khan, 23, in Fauji. It was 1989. Khan played Abhimanyu Rai; Vishwajeet Pradhan played Yaseen Khan; Gautam Bharadwaj played Lt Peter Monteiro. No one called this "secularism"; it was normal, unexceptionable. Shahrukh's first acting role made him a beloved superstar.

There is an old ritual where the editor signs off the cover before it goes to the press. I signed it off today. With a lot of love. Trolls aren’t welcome but if they come, we will stand our ground. - next issue of Outlook Magazine looks at

What Mumbai NDPS court judge said while rejecting Aryan Khan’s bail plea

Me - NCB arrested Aryan Khan on the basis of the WhatsApp Chat. Bhakt - It's a valid proof. Me - Arnab celebrated Pulwama attack in the WhatsApp Chats. Bhakt - Abba, Dabba, Jabba.

In solidarity with SRK and family. Truth shall prevail.

To build trust and faith in a system, you need consistency and judgements reflective of sound jurisprudence. Denying bail to and his co assused goes against the rationale laid down by the Hope addresses this anomaly.

क्या आर्यन खान ने किसी की हत्या की? क्या आर्यन ने किसी को धमकी दी? क्या आर्यन ने किसी पर बंदूक़ टांगी? क्या आर्यन ने दंगाई नारे लगाए? क्या आर्यन के पोर्ट पर ड्रग मिली? आर्यन को सिर्फ़ इसलिए प्रताड़ित किया जा रहा है ताकि जनता महंगाई, हेल्थ, रोज़गार के मुद्दे से भटकती रहे.

My heart goes out to Shahrukh Khan. I'm sure he's in duas of millions around the globe. To suffer this after being hailed as the Badshah of Bollywood and one of the biggest superstars of the world. One feels that the nation he gave so much joy and pride to has failed him.

moves in appeal against Bail rejection order.

Sad and cruel. One should not play with the future of children for political gains.

"NCB has no business conducting raids on end users, its entire purpose is to be a premiere agency which supplements the local police," says Avi Singh, Supreme Court Lawyer, on the NCB's handling of the drugs-on-cruise case involving .

As we wait for the NCB to tell us more about this international drug network, do read Colin Gonsalves on malicious prosecution: We need a legal framework to make the state pay for violating civil liberties by way of wrongful prosecutions.

No bail for despite not having a single drug on him, & no arrest at Mundra port despite smuggling of 3,000 kg of heroin! This is justice under Modi Sarkar!

Shahrukh Khan. That’s who they are doing this to. And they are getting away with it. Think about that.

Aryan khan ke case se pta chal raha k apne system mein kya gandagi hai Aise hajaro logo ke sath hota hoga Court ke chkr mein fas gye to zindagi barbaad 6 din takk order reserve krke rkha aur shaam ko bail reject Ghatiya system

No Justice. No Liberty. No Equality. No Secularism. No Democracy. This is India. I can't welcome any non-Indians to the country that we've become. Please don't visit us.

Outrageous !!! You are saying there is a “possible” connection to his “international” racket based on “WhatsApp” chat recovered from his phone, that you confiscated on a “bust” where he “had nothing” ?And you have been fishing for days and yet not found anything?

My heart goes out to both n .. Its sheer Harassment for their son to be tortured by Dear Shah Rukh Khan n his family don't deserve this n plz expose 's vendatta