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Jessica William

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"We should all be thinking about how it is not possible to be a man of honor and to have sat by while this woman was being attacked on the train. It is not possible to be a man of courage and to sit by and do nothing." -

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“If you put on a BLM shirt and throw a Molotov cocktail at a federal courthouse you’re not a domestic terrorist. What does make you a domestic terrorist, of course, is calling someone a bad name at a school board meeting." -

Remember: Fauci assures you the vaccines work super well, they’re amazing, no risks, everyone including small children should get them because their efficacy is so high- Now shut up while we inject this vaccine BOOSTER into your arm, no questions allowed or you’re a murderer

We are living in the era of mass media and mass hysteria The results are not good

If we had people who cared about honesty or freedom in the Democrat corporate media, they’d absolutely hammer Fauci and his acolytes with questions on why 5-11 year olds who are at *almost zero* risk from COVID and rarely spread it should get vaccinated- and still wear masks!

Why are Democrats pushing so hard right now against cops and first responders to make them get the shot when some of these cities are already suffering from spiking violence and dysfunction?⬇️

This show is indeed stacked- everyone be sure to tune in for the 7pm hour on Fox News!

It is sociopathic that the little tyrant thinks anyone needs his permission to celebrate holidays with loved ones

OMG what has Ron DeSantis done, how did he move all the Covid up north, he must control the seasons

McAuliffe and those like him enjoy breaking the arbitrary COVID rules they harass us with- Because those addicted to parading their mask virtue in public believe that in private, only filthy peasants should have their breath stifled with face coverings

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The Impending Mass Firing of America’s Unvaccinated | Chronicles

A fundamental lesson of the pandemic has been the crushing reminder that a large portion of humanity- perhaps even a majority- has a deep, enduring desire to be controlled, and will put up with almost anything under false promises of safety and belonging

Remember, as COVID cases surge northward nationwide despite vaxx mandates and lots of masking/distancing, the fallback for Fauciites will be that we didnt mask, distance or vaxx hard enough. It can never be that their policies were ineffective, unnecessary or excessive

This country overall does not feel more united, happy, or optimistic as a result of Joe Biden being president, and even some of the people who voted for him are realizing it

The people who all year shouted down anyone who raised the issue of natural immunity are the real science deniers, but they don’t care, because it wasn’t about the science