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Jessica William

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- PINNED - A thread of important art things!

glimmer ok maybe environments are actually enjoyable to draw

I’ve decided to draw my ideas for every hermit’s elytra, this will be an ongoing thread for a bit :)

Oops I forgot to mention but I was heavily inspired by carsen mothsprite's fe666 design!

⸥ - Day 19 & 20: Nausea & Lava Traditional has become too tiring for me so we're going digital - Orangenox & fe666

mid air high five just something I drew for fun from our “co-op session” that I invited myself to yesterday -

⸥ - Day 18: Poison Oops I missed it yesterday uhhh Funky drawing where I colored traditional lineart digitally I think I might also skip today's prompt, I don't really have any ideas or motivation for it ahhhh

happy birthday feinberg!! i made a moving picture to celebrate the occasion (18/31)

⸥ - Day 17: Cauldron catboy in the cauldron what will he do

oh wait I forgot to post my mcsrtober drawing for today will do that then reply to the comments under the previous post you all are so cool thank you so so much <333

⸥ - Day 16: Drowned I decided that I hate the original colors so a bit of a funky thing for today Also I just want to say that I love drawing drowned so much ahhhhh they are really fun to draw ;;;

Hi it's spooky month >:D - RTs are cool

⸥ - Day 15: Warden Not sure why I drew today's prompt like this but :D

⸥ - Day 14: Jack O' Lantern Some artist friends carving pumpkins :D -

9- music discs 10- costume 11- timer 12- black cat [please untag!]


Small comic about the events in Mr T Wag’s chat today Thank you aksjakjs I did not expect that ;;