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Jessica William

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📌CANYAMANMEDIA - Mission Statement The aim of the CYM is solemnly based on the determination and willingness to support unconditionally, by building a bridge and connecting with all international fans.

📌| IG Post - video Looking forward to having always the same tenderness in our further coming together soon. So grateful for your attendance Amore genera amore

'ın İtalya’nın en çok izlenen kanallarından Canale 5'teki polisiye dizisinin yayın tarihi açıklandı.

📸NEW| Güldem Yaman IG Story Son…always smile… ❤️❤️🧿

Can Yaman hayranları sıkı durun Mart ayında büyük patlama yaşanacak!

tends to keep its rotation axis oriented in a fixed direction

📌A wave is pure energy, it arises from a point and propagates in space and time. Actually, it only carries motion, we like to measure these waves... do you know how a gyroscope works? It is a rotating device which, due to the conservation law of the angular momentum,

Comments of the fans after meeting in the event @mondadorituscolanaroma - part 2

📼NEW| Comments of the fans after meeting in the event @mondadorituscolanaroma - part 1

📸NEW| @canyamanmaniaofgicial IG Story CanYaman Mania event - Rome 👇

📌| EVENT 11 DECEMBER CAN YAMAN MANIA TOUR ROME COIN EXCELSIOR ROME COLA DI RIENZO SATURDAY 11 DECEMBER from 3 pm meet & greet event Take part in the event by purchasing the perfume on and you will receive the pass and all information

📌| You can find all the photos of the book signing event of autobiography by on the Facebook page of @mondadorituscolanaroma link: 👇 https: //

of a great party day. For those who could not come to the book signing , after the event has left other autographed copies. You can go and buy them directly at our bookshop or at the following link 👇

📼NEW| We publish the short video of the firmacopie with You were wonderful! Lots of smiling faces and eyes shining with emotion. We thank you for your certificates of esteem! So you can download your single photo with Can Yaman and keep it as a reminder