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Jessica William

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Honored to be the cover feature for We are so lucky to have a local magazine aimed at inspiring & empowering women from all backgrounds! Here’s a link to the article:

FRIDAY'S FORECAST Not as bright or warm as the last few days, but partly sunny and near 70 isn't a bad way to end the week. We drop to cooler temps in the lower 60s over the weekend.

COLD FRONT APPROACHING Showers and even a t'storm are moving toward central Pa. This activity should weaken and all but fall apart before pushing through our area in the wee hours of the morning. Temps will be stepping down the next 2 days.

TAKE IT OUTSIDE It will be a beautiful evening to eat outside at your favorite local restaurant or fire up the grill in your backyard. With a cold front approaching temperatures will not fall off much tonight.

The lake temperature has dropped to 63°- doable for me in a full wetsuit. Next week, likely dry suit temps. After that, time to think about winterizing the boat and tuning up to snow skis. Every season has it’s pros and cons! -22/33.3

THURSDAY'S PLANNER Lots of sunshine for a 3rd straight day with temperatures reaching the upper 70s. This will be the last of the really warm temperatures during this stretch as a cold front will move through before dawn on Friday morning.

WARMING TREND Today was day 16 out of 20 this month with above average temperatures in Philadelphia. Looking at the last 50 years of data there is a clear trend of increased days above average during the fall season of September/October/November.

LIMITED FALL TEMPS SO FAR October has been a blow torch for the first 3 weeks making for a southeastern Va. feel. As of right now we are on pace to have a top 10 warmest October.

10 DEGREES ABOVE AVG. Another day of sunshine with westerly winds near 10 mph have boosted temperatures into the mid 70s so far. This is more like late September than late October so enjoy the warmth while it lasts. Similar conditions again tomorrow.

MIDWEEK FORECAST We start off milder than the last 2 mornings and will once again warmly nicely under mostly sunny skies. By the afternoon temperatures will be around 10 degrees above average for late October. Enjoy this bonus day.

SUNSET TIME Gorgeous shot here in Atlantic City of the Steel Pier with the sun glistening off of it. Sunset tonight is at 6:15pm.

LOOK UP TONIGHT We have perfect viewing conditions for October's full moon. If you are lucky you may even catch a glimpse of a meteor as the Orionids are peaking, but the bright moonlight will make that tough.

BEAUTIFUL AFTERNOON After starting off in the 30s and 40s we've seen wall to wall sunshine and westerly winds at 10-15mph. This has warmed us into the mid to upper 60s across the region. Hopefully you can get outside and enjoy for a few minutes. Sunset is at 6:15pm.

TUESDAY SUNSHINE The low pressure that has created clouds across the Northeast is pulling out and high pressure in the Southeast is taking over. It won't be as windy as the last 2 days, but still a bit breezy. Wall to wall sunshine will lead to near seasonable temps.

This is caused by ice crystals in the cirrus clouds acting like tiny prisms, 20,000 feet up in the sky, refracting the moonlight

BUNDLE UP The kids will need jackets or sweatshirts for when they head out the door in the morning. We will recover to the mid 60s by the afternoon so they may come home in the backpack.

SPOTTY SHOWER We've seen a few sprinkles around the region this afternoon due to the instability clouds that have bubbled up. This one that has moved across Bucks County and heading toward Trenton has been the most robust.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Bucks County in PA until 4:45pm. For more info.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Mercer County in NJ until 4:45pm. For more info.