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Jessica William

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Hotfix for PC 1.5.5 just went out, fixes an issue with extra wide & UHD displays, and a few other minor issues

Stardew Valley is available today on Game Pass! If you know someone who hasn't tried out the game before, this might be the perfect opportunity. I hope a lot more people get to play Stardew now

Also Stardew comes to Game Pass tomorrow and the Windows version will be at 1.5.5 without the hotfix, but it will get the hotfix soon after launch. If you don't have an ultra wide monitor you won't notice any issue

The recent 1.5.5 patch on PC has an issue when playing on widescreen displays. There is a hotfix for that (and a few other things) coming very soon (probably tomorrow) thanks for your patience everyone

NEW! We've harvested a new merch drop from our Stardew Valley collection! Chill out with the OST on a winter white cassette, set up shop with a new Secret Stage by , and celebrate the Festival of Ice with a print from !

Cole, the designer of the Stardew board game, put together a nice design journal to share some of his thoughts and backstory about the creation of the board game:

The Stardew Valley board game is now available to order!

The Stardew Valley board game will be available again this Wednesday at 12 noon PST. Read the blog post for more info:

Haunted Chocolatier: stunning an enemy allows for a quick attack

Haunted Chocolatier early gameplay video:

some screenshots

Pleased to announce my new game: "ConcernedApe's Haunted Chocolatier" -- in development!

I will be making an announcement in 1 hour

Mobile players, nothing new but I just want say again that the 1.5 update port is actively in development by the porting team, and there is continuous progress being made. I remain fully committed to seeing the 1.5 update on mobile. I really appreciate your patience with this

With a little dedication you’ll have it cleaned up in no time. 👩🏻‍🌾🌳

Congrats to Sandy's Candies for winning the Stardew Valley Cup! It was a lot of fun. Hope everyone who watched had a good time!

Less than 10 minutes to go in the Stardew Valley Cup! Who's going to win??

Stardew Valley Cup imminent, going live in about 2 minutes!