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This song will remain as my first birthday gift from in my life💎🌍. Will make my bday a special moments with him, virtually🤗❤️. JANNAT VE IS COMING

Please help support Darshan's Twitter Fam, add a now!

strict action will be taken for them. TQ 💙

Have a limit to your writing,he is not your bro or sis that whatever you will tell him and we will be seeing it. Its, from my side last warning to whoever has written and not going to mention that mind your language b4 telling or give speed breaker to your writing. Otherwise

And as a Darshaner,we are not able to tolerate this nonsense information and communication. Plz,if hurted someone then seriously SORRY, but don't do this otherwise we all will be taking a serious action about this. Don't put D in their divorce and personal life situations, KINDLY

this with D,he doesn't deserve it. Yes he always tell us that he crushes on Samantha but you have no right to include D in their divorce and personal life. They are in one position, and D in other positions. Its not a big credit for you,if you have this type of mind,you can leave

here,cz as a Darshaner and bestie forever we atleast doesn't have this feeling for our at first idol and BFF and as a artist. At first he is India's respected person,then only our BFF, friends bla bla. Its not the way to give love to your artist. So kindly,plz kindly dont do like

humanity guys,D doesn't deserve it. Know your mind is telling that WTH this girl is telling, but truth is always in first position. Observing from yesterday morning onwards, but none have a bit of humanity and feelings for D 😖🥺. If your feelings is like this,so you can go from+

then remove it from your FB twitter insta wherever you all guys have given👍🏻. Ik D has crush on Samantha ma'am, but it doesn't means that you all guys will be including D in their divorce and personal life 👍🏻. Is this a fandom members role for their idol or artist?? Have some+

I'm observing everyone and find out some of the fans are writing about Samantha and Naga Chaitanya divorce case by tagging D😖😒,in both the FB twitter insta wherever they get chance. WTH you all are doing yaar, seriously if you all have little bit of humanity and feelings for D+

Good morning CHOMU RAVAL ,aaj cheat meal day hai🤣😂 yaad nahi hai??? Get up yaar👍🏻😇,we are waiting for your kind msg and pareshan karna. Gabbu!! Re yaar🤣🤣 uth ja soyabean,kya matlab😒😝 kuch bhi. Get up and have your morning tea . I love you🤗😘

Good night y'all guys are great gift for me 💞😇, take care and have rest and be safe y'all 😘👍🏻. Always love you all 🤗😘

Good night 😄👍🏻,we are all doing space. If you want to join then join us 😘🤗. Okk,take care of yourself and Papa and have dinner in time ❤️🤣. We will be waiting for your space

So don't do this, which can make the image of the word LOVE to Darshan as a fake things. Its beginning of his life, and from starting onwards this can deprive him💙💙, understanding my view. That what I'm trying to tell you all. Ok think about it and SPREADLOVE💙💙

and now that xample is no more there for,then what will you think?? Ofcourse that ki that means true love story is also unpredictable. That's why this may also happens with him d,so this feeling may be come to him and infact he is nones BF including. So feeling like this is logic

Yes she is right don't qoute and tweet about this topic to Darshan by tagging him cz,see I guess everyone is feeling that I'm telling you all in a rude voice but no!! Just keep urself there and imagine that if she/he was your crush and you used to love their couple version+

nd infact,he doesn't want to do it now and kept some conditions about this topic✨, which I am not going to tell here cz if he sees it then will get to know that we are talking about this topic😊👍🏻. Someone want then ask me private message but don't tell this to him.

Yess this is not the time, infact its not that way to ask something about this topic 😄✨. Its just a reel remind it, and he is there only to tell us. It makes that person infact disturb that why everyone is with that topic only, i'mma here only for that topic in their lives 😊👍🏻

Btw how much of y'all are getting something something till now??🤣😂, meaning samajh lena sab log.