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Jessica William

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Jennie, when will you update on youtube?

Jennie prettiest girl 😍

Debbie Gibson, an American singer-songwriter, updates her IG story with Jennie! “When your fav Kpop gal adds you to her playlist ty @/jennierubyjane”  블랙핑크 제니 | 🦋

Remember when Barrack Obama followed a Jennie fan account in 2017 and articles were made about it. And I think he also followed a former Jennie fan account back in 2019 Just remembered this because I saw tweets on the tl about him mentioning BP hehe

SBS Shooting Stars is about to get even more fun with the addition of first generation idols…with Wonder Girls Yubin as the youngest 😂😂

The video paused at 0:00 but found that one comment out of half a million lmao focus on your baila girl

We miss you! Come back to us, Jennie 😩

We got a deal from They will send us $30 if this tweet gets 3k likes NOTE 📝 • 3K Likes • Must follow • Give proof of you following them, and use hashtags   The fund will be sent to for JNK1

The singer for the bgm used in Jennie’s Chanel campaign posted in her story

The 2nd Asian Female Artist to be the face of Chanel’s Global Campaign, after 13 years iktr hehe

⚠️ JENNIE SOLO STREAM ⚠️ [ROUND 1 OF STREAMING BATTLE] ‼️Use this playlist: Please reply with your proof of streaming SOLO with the on the replies below!

With Mok Jungwook 😍 more works together please hehe

Jennie queen of everything 😍

Jennie Inez and Vinoodh daughter char hehe truly a ball of sunshine wherever she goes 🥺