Jessica William

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

-my girls pls don't break my heart yaar🙃

Can't they all again do a show together?

Divyanka's IG stories aaahh YHM days vibes😭❤️ was waiting for this onlyyy😭❤️

Conquering not only hearts, but also opportunities and tasks! How elated are we to see our Teja win the task and be back in the MukhyaGhar!

Shaadi ki toh kar li hain inhone taiyaari, toh kya band baja mangwaya jaaye?😂 Dekhiye , aaj raat 10:30 baje sirf par. Catch it before TV on .

Mujhe har cheez pe darr lagtahe seriously.. Mujhe laga ispe bhi teja ko troll na karle ki she is making fun with all of that.. But thankfully everyone is taking it as fun only..thank god.

UmTej >>> TejRan 😭😭😭 Pls i was just going through some edits of umtej,,and its so beautiful.

New logoko kyun laya😤 Unko hi karne dete sab... the way i just can't connect with any of these new Bollywood celebs😕old is gold❤️

Not the first time, it has happened a lot times has literally Pushed him whenever he gets creepy ! I am glad now she is maintaining distance from him ! And Now he isn't getting attention , so trying to be Frank again ! CREEP

Idiot ko bas chune ka mouka chahiye.. Bl00dy!!

- my girl i love you😘❤️

I love how both the fd & are not dragging this matter that much.. Few ppl are doing it bcz they have that habit of doing it so It's ok.. I love how mature these two FD are❤️

Just a small hint and she is maintaining distance from him. It was much needed bcz people are so judgemental on social media. Hope she ignore him on future too.

THIS exactly what im talking abt,both have same feelings for each other! But they never disrespected eo ever,, also they actually never talks abt game plan & all,,they both r having misunderstanding & not clearing it, That is the pblm Only! They should talk,