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Jessica William

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Kim Namjoon's dragon eyes!! That's it, that's the tweet!!

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last time namjoon went on a wild tangent about how he wants to give his blood to vampire yoongi tae was like “,,,,okay” and this time he rambled about just how cool he think yoongi is balancing work, exercise, golf he went “,, aren’t you giving too many tmis about him?” PLEASE

the way jungkook always caresses namjoon’s hair,, tears in my eyes

just jungkook whispering into namjoon’s ear

no one: namjoon: let me tell you about exactly how cool my yoongi hyung is in this essay

“Sorry, this is our real self and we look like this when we practice” ㅡ 211020, Kim Namjoon In VLIVE

this jungkook 🤝 this namjoon

🐨 *in Namtoori* We'll think of you enjoying the concert in your rooms! 🐿️ I was watching In The Soop and you were using a lot of satoori mixed in. 🐥 It was all mixed. 🐹 Namjoon hasn't even lived anywhere where they speak satoori.

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🐨 How can people be divided only into 16 personalities, right?

I’d like to remind everyone of this Kim Namjoon

🐨 Yoongi-hyung is doing so much these days! He's producing and exercising and playing golf! 🐻 Aren't you giving away too many TMIs about Yoongi-hyung?

🐨 sorry, this is our real self and we look like this when we practice

Are they drunk???? They're so loud am loving it 😭

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