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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

if loona from helluva boss was trans shed be 500× hotter imo

never use twitter while under the influence. learned that the hard way.

This man has done more for the LGBT community than RuPaul ever could

Scary. Furocious even

I'm a law professor. A cop hid a tape recorder in the ER while I was getting stitched up. I was illegally searched as a suspect in a crime that didn't happen (and threatened with jail) on the hood of a cop car. I could go on. Never talk to the police.


the only thing that drives me insane about women's clothing is the lack of deep pockets and it's worse than some of y'all may think

holy shit i can't fucking wait for 2021 to end

"i don't have pronouns" bitch you just used one

Everyone remember that t might be easier to ignore your problems, but its ok to cry about them too. There's more good times to come. Life gets better... an you can be the one to make that happen. Stay strong ok?

I hope I die at 69 seems like a good age to end it at

Important reminder: You can look perfectly healthy and still have a monster in your mind that's destroying you from the inside.

Fursuit Dysmorphia: Believing your fursuit is hotter and more attractive than you 🥲

There's not a humanitarian crisis *at* the border, as though it were a backdrop. The border *is* the crisis—it causes & creates the suffering. There's not a humanitarian crisis *at* Rikers—framing city council has used to victim-blame folks locked up—Rikers *is* the crisis (etc)

The first ever Linux kernel version 0.01 was released to the public 30 years ago on 17th September 1991.

I love this. The perception of furries shifting from 'depraved nerds' to 'known antifascists' is fantastic energy. The way we've grown and collectively moved to be more inclusive and activist is something I'm proud to be a part of. We're not there yet, but we can keep pushing.