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Jessica William

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John Doe

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hello welcome to my acc heres a ref of Whire incase yall wanna draw him (im bad at shading but i added the shading colors anyways) i drew this with a mouse so sorry if it sucks anyways enjoy ur stay!

yall like salami?

soothing power is underrated

my experience with kiyo Read:

a lot of people heard my voice before so its a bit pointless but i wanna see what yall think anyways

good morning!! i actually slept pretty freakin good! :D how are u?

Yall help me out a tiny bit Vs whire is about me, it makes sense, I even voice act myself But regarding songs Should whire have my normal voice as a chromatic or an instrument or something? Just wanna see what yall preffer

i shitted in my pants i am for real never meant to make my booty shit i apologize i shit my pants

if i get 800 today ill show a picture of my other dog (i have 2 dogs)

if i get to 10k today i'll livestream my dog sleeping

already shouted 2 people out ggs

idk why im even trying odds are 99.9% of the people that follow me already follow cval but if u havent already go follow ! i want him to reach 10k lmao

kidcow is an amazing artist :] go follow em if u havent!

the amount of times i made these they still pretty fun to do so who cares :] go wild!

this unironically made my day ly sul 💜

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO make a livestream about it and ask for primes

go follow if u havent already pls they very nice and makes banger art! :]

sapnap x george confirmed LMAO

honestly that explains a lot