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Jessica William

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🔥Highlights from Rebel Capitalist Live..Thx to all attendees and speakers who made this event possible!! For info on next RCL event check out 👍

🔥 Good times at New Orleans Investment Conference with some fantastic friends.

Last night Flexport brought a taco truck to the Port of Long Beach as a big thank you to the ILWU laborers there working like crazy to clear this container backlog. A thread on what we learned! /1

NEW VIDEO!! How will the current supply chain issues affect YOU? How long will they last? Will they get worse? 🔥👇 Supply Shortages Everywhere!! Is An Economic Crisis Inevitable? via

Actually I’d prefer to buy an ICO of a SPAC of an NFT of a company losing insane amounts of money.

💥It’s official…we’re living in a parody. 🤦‍♂️👇

New Orleans Investment Conference you meet the most interesting people at the hotel bar.

The mental gymnastics required to argue for vax mandates after doing an actual cost/benefit analysis is becoming more and more extreme. My guess is mental gymnastics will be an event in the next olympics...many Americans have had a lot of practice after 2020/21. 😉

FYI, CNN viewers 👇

🔴 I’m in New Orleans where you need proof of vax or negative covid test to get into a restaurant etc. So it’s no problem if you spread covid as long as your vaxed. 🤦‍♂️ This is just another way you know the mandates aren’t about health.

BTW, if you can’t tell I’m making a distinction between vaccinated, and unvaccinated with natural immunity AND omitting unvaccinated w/o, you really need to question your own intelligence.

🔴 Can anyone list a benefit derived from vaccines that aren’t derived from natural immunity? If not, why have vax mandates? Because, it’s not about health.

💥Looking forward to speaking at The New Orleans Investment Conference over the next couple days. The topic for my presentation will be: Inflation or Deflation? Freedom or Tyranny? Deep Dive Into Today’s Most Important Questions. Look forward to seeing you there! 👍

🔴 At what point will the sociopaths we call politicians say “Ok, these government issued vax mandates probably weren’t a good idea?” (See story) Never…because vax mandates aren’t about health and they’re definitely not about science.

🔴 Government interventions have consequences. 👇 In the face of epic supply chain disruptions, due in part to lack of workers, Gov is forcing businesses to fire all employees who won’t get vaccinated. Absolute madness…

💥 No Nigerian Prince can compete with the US Government scamming Americans out of TRILLIONS through inflation. 👇

🔥 I think the odds are high Big Tech will start to CENSOR “Economic Misinformation” just like they censor what is deemed “medical misinformation.” Example: You post on FB about supply shortages, inflation, gov deficit spending, & your post gets removed/account gets suspended.

BTW, sounds like we’ll hear media stop using the word “shortages” and replace it with “inconsistent inventory.” Because that’s so much different.

They even contradict themselves in their own quote saying basically supply chain issues have created shortages but there’s no supply chain issues. 🤦‍♂️

💥Biden announces plan to “ease the supply chain crisis.” Then Fact Checkers say reports of wide spread supply chain disruptions are fake news. This level of propaganda spin by the media would’ve been hard for even Joseph Goebbels to believe.

And how would one of those people feel if they were selected knowing it was only because they were a certain race or gender? And how society/market see them? Isn’t it obvious selecting people based on anything other than merit leads to massive unintended consequences?