Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

C & C++ Developer

Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

please magixx fans what are calling ourselves, im a stan already

just in: king of the republikans gets nominated in 3 different categories at the Afrimma awards.😭🔥💐bella didn't come to playyy

Attended to a lot in the DMs & comment section. I'll encourage all winners to please give someone their 10% too & make the merry go round 🙏 might come back in the evening to do more, y'all have a wonderful weekend 🌟

After a break up, normally the loyal stays single. Deals with the damages until healed and be a better person. But the other one is already in another relationship.

Notice how wiz is the standard for every artist 👍🏻

Cuppy is literally telling us how we all can inspire and motivate ourselves for greatness coupled with challenges we are facing. There's no area you find her, she isn't turning out to be the best.

I never delete messages,Just incase a Mf wanna lie about July 32nd,1862.

I be so close but sometimes you got to hit a nigga with “this you” 😂

it's all archived and secured with multiple password as well as any photos or videos you have sent to me

nah i delete everything, i’m not wasting valuable storage space to proof shit to mfs anymore

And bitches know that, which is why they block me. So if u hear sumn negative about me through someone, make sure to ask WHO blocked WHO. Cuz my block list is dryer than Hwy 5

Right , cause BITCH let me slide rq Since we wanna play dumb

Whatever you do in this life, Avoid under23 girls 👍

If you find yourself smiling at her pictures, BLOCK HER! If you smile at her VNs, BREAK YOUR SIM AND BURN YOUR PHONE!! If you think about her randomly, GO INTO SEMINARY SCHOOL AND BECOME A NUN!!!