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Season 33 Thoughts! just a thread containing simple mini-reviews of every episode in the season as they come out (thread)

. #1 show in 33rd season. Thank you to all who watch

“Forgive and Regret” Season 29 Episode 18 What a great episode to beat Gunsmoke’s record of episodes. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode but it’s still a great one that gives you a real yet heartwarming portrayal of Homer and Abe’s relationship. Also, Mona’s back.

And it’s definitely not one of the worst episodes either. Personally, I just saw it as dumb fun that showcases some cool musical numbers from the show at the time. Yeah, it’s a clip show but even the original content shown in the episode were pretty fun & entertaining.

Why did people hate All Singing, All Dancing again? Like, that episode does not deserve a 5.0 on IMDB.

According to a press release, The Simpsons is currently the #1 Comedy Series as it recently delivered it’s highest-rated and most-watched episode in nearly 10 months and it’s most-streamed episode since March 21st. It’s nice to see the show is still doing well.

“the wayz we were” really got me at the end i’m ngl 🥺

for anyone who’s not in the know of what the simpsons are doing rn moe just got engaged! finally he can be happy

Season 33 has had some really good episodes so far. I’m really excited for the rest of this season. If you don’t like Modern Simpsons, I’m telling you, please come back and watch some of the more recent episodes. It has improved so much.

Don't worry, we're coming back! Look out for a new episode next Sunday.

That was one of the best Simpsons episodes that I have seen in years. Third Acts don't have to always have big events taking place. Just a relatable moment of happiness can do the trick.

And by full review and mean one in my Simpsons S33 Thoughts Thread.

I loved this episode so much! Will be posting a full review soon!


naw cuz I’m kinda confused it looks like they’re leaning to them breaking up again yet they said moe will have a relationship that sticks this season so????

now why did moe have to do that