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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I am getting very impatient with my Doctors. I go weeks without thyroid medication. I know they are really busy with people putting off appointments during the pandemic. Just hope things settle down after awhile.

Been working on this room for ages. Finally coming together. Dolby Atmos setup. The two Height speakers as you walk in. Chair and munchy shelf. The front with sound absorbing panels. Needs much more work .

Need to post one of my heros once in awhile. Also. In my opinion. One of the brightest people like ever. He will remain ahead of his time until he is truly appreciated.

If it wasn't for gravity. I don't know where I would be.

f the Universe was a fractal of infinite depth and complexity. We may only be comprehending a single point.

I was hoping for an elegant Universe. Now I am leaning toward an impossibly complicated Universe. We only see what our brains can comprehend.

Maybe Demi Lovato is an Alien and she felt offended.

If the smallest parts of us are traveling at different speeds. In different directions in higher dimensions. Every molecule, atom is a different world. We are the multiverse living in a multiverse.

If you travel fast in 3 Dimensional Space. You slow down in 4 Dimensional Time, Time Dilation. Take it a step further. How fast we go in those four dimensions may determine how fast we travel in the 5th and higher Dimension.

I have received so much kindness this Thanksgiving. I have gotten three Thanksgiving dinners. Maybe a fourth one coming. I live alone. So they are making sure I have a good Thanksgiving.

Best Anime, Girls Last Tour

When multiple Social Media has troubles. I check for Sunspots, solar storms.

I wish I could go on Facebook to tell everyone that Facebook is down.

Please enjoy my cartoon in today's

I think. We have enough Crystalline Intellect ( Knowledge ) to figure out the nature of reality. We need Fluid Intelects. The Philosopher, Thought Experiments to figure it out. I feel we are so close.

💖 tender loving care!!! 💖