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Jessica William

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Forewarned is forearmed, so today we are taking a look at several types of scams in the crypto market - and how to avoid them!

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A hacker has returned over $340,000 in ETH to the Creature Toadz NFT project after posting a fake mint link in Discord. Despite the return of the funds, some members of the community are insisting that the hacker be held to account.

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Over $200M Lost to Crypto Fraud in the UK This Year. The figure is 30% higher than for all of 2020, the City of London Police said Monday.

How important is locked liquidity when selecting a project to invest in?

DEX stands for Decentralized Exchange - an exchange which does not require users to deposit funds to start trading and does not hold the funds for the user. Instead, users trade directly from their own wallets.

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As of October 18, the current locking fee options for Liquidity Pool locks & Team Token Vesting are: ▶️$50 in BNB + 0.5% LP or team tokens (depending on the service) ▶️$40 in CRX + 0.5% LP or team tokens (depending on the service) ▶️3 BNB flat rate ▶️62 CRX flat rate

Current lock stats as at 18.10.2021: #⃣541 Projects 🔒$4.56B Locked 💵$345,052 Fees Generated

Are hard forks a tool essential for crypto development or are they just a tool that can be manipulated? Are hard forks essential for the evolution of a chain or plaform? - by founder and CEO Dmitry Mishunin

Indexed Finance has become the latest victim of an exploit. On 15 Oct it reported it had suffered its first hack since protocol deployment in December, losing around $16M in various tokens which it described as “devastating.”