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Jessica William

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"Describing any outcome where the Court upholds the Mississippi ban while striking down the Texas ban as anything other than pure lawlessness is, frankly, a gift to the anti-choice movement." — via 's The Fallout.

this morning: what happened when dared to take a day off and the nonsense about a "compromise" on fundamental human rights that followed Subscribe:

The population of Mississippi is nearly 40% Black.

We're hiring freelancers to do investigative journalism in Colorado. This is what we're looking for.

Not great that it takes 60 Senators to create voting rights but only 5 Justices to nullify them.

NEW at SCOTUS: Maine healthcare workers request emergency relief from state vaccine mandate on religious liberty grounds

This news is both terrible and unsurprising

Congratulations !! This is great news for America’s students and their families. 👏🏾

just waiting to find out if its a bones or no bones day for abortion access

Students bravely shared stories of assault, abuse, harassment, and discrimination at Moody Bible Institute—all of which stems from rampant purity culture that undergirds programming at Christian schools. Find the new here to learn more:

Here is the problem with Supreme Court term limits: Instituting Supreme Court term limits without Supreme Court expansion is a weak-ass half-measure that won't solve anything

Wow this tweet is very loud but in the best and most necessary volume

I slept in my Grateful Dead shirt and I’m gonna keep on truckin’

Okay well lets give today a try

Quite frankly this Mercury retrograde kicked my ass. Major parts of my life reshuffled

+2 my children have grown up knowing that abortion is one possible outcome in a pregnancy.

Hooolllly shit this new Jason Isbell album