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Hospitals, schools, homes, factories — All need stable electricity.

Who has a role to play in combating climate change? ✅ You. ✅ Your friends. ✅ Your community. ✅ Us. It's in our hands.

There is no health without mental health.

No child should have to experience what Khalil has. Today he's lucky enough to be far away from conflict, but there are tens of thousands of stranded children in places like Al Hol camp and elsewhere. They all deserve a similar chance.

Right now there are almost 14,000 nuclear bombs in the world. Thousands are ready to launch anytime. More powerful than the bombs which devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Blackout Gaza What happens when hundreds of thousands of people can not afford a generator and are forced to spend most of their day without electricity.

They're not targets. They're not soldiers. They're not weapons. Just children. 1 in 10 kids worldwide is affected by armed conflict.

Anyone can experience mental health problems. But not everyone can get treatment. In low-income countries there are 0.05 psychiatrists per 100,000 people. In high-income countries there are 120x more.

When someone goes missing, what happens to those left behind?

Water has a direct impact on our lives and health. When you’re fleeing war. When you’re in prison. When you’re in a displacement camp. When there’s just no clean water. How do you wash your hands, drink or cook? For millions of people, it’s a daily struggle.

Tens of thousands of children are still stranded in conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa. This is Aisha’s story in 90 seconds.

As we progress towards a more equitable distribution of , we must ensure: 1⃣That people in difficult to access places are also vaccinated 2⃣That struggling health systems are supported 3⃣That communities have the right info to make informed choices

Happening now❤️ Over a year ago, Anifa, Hortence, Kibundila and Lambase were separated from their families, following the violence in Salamabila. They are on their way now to be reunited with their family!

Two thirds of the Al-Hol camp population are children, living in appalling conditions no child should experience. This is one of the biggest and most complex child protection emergencies of our time.

Decades of conflict and armed violence have left thousands of people with disabilities in . We're working with them to assist them regain their mobility.

What about you? Do you have access to clean water?

Over 800,000 people in Cabo Delgado fled their homes due to the violence. Lack of access to clean water led to rise in waterborne diseases, like cholera and diarrhea. Even before the conflict, Diarrhea was the second cause of death among children under 5 in Cabo Delgado.

In Burkina Faso, the areas with the worst drought are also dealing with armed violence. People often have to travel several kilometers and spend hours queuing for water. New arrivals – those who have fled their homes – are served last, which only adds to their troubles.

In Yemen, 15.4 million people don’t have access to clean water. Lack of access to potable water and little treatment of wastewater contributes to major health outbreaks, including cholera and acute watery diarrhea.

Water is also a scarce commodity for people living in , . Old infrastructure and its demanding maintenance take their toll, while increase in hostilities often translates into water cuts & impedes access of workers to water supply systems.