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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

We all have our favourite film devs. One of our lesser know ones is ILFOTEC HC This economic & versatile developer has a long shelf life & produces high quality, sharp results under a wide range of conditions. Use it? Share your shots

Yes! This resonates with me. Some of my favourite images are not technically perfect in any way but i still love them. What do you think?

First time developing B&W. HP5 is sharp!! That’s clearly an RS-25. Plenty of detail visible to the naked eye.

When an image that we share gets a lot of interest, we like to get in touch with the photographer and find out a little more about the process that went into creating it. Image .mlhd

One of the most versatile films in our range and the only one suitable for C41 processing, this week's theme is AND - You could start staring your spooky shots for next week too when our theme will be

Half-Frame darkroom print. FB Baryta paper.

Simon King has found that by exposing for the action, and not worrying about other aspects of the frame, he's streamlined his Street and Documentary photography approach. .

Some subjects seem to go hand in hand with black and white film photography and boats in one of them. Which is why we chose for this week's theme. Image (Twitter)

We have seen some fantastic shots so far for this week's theme but there's still time for more! Don't forget to use the #'s and tell us which film you used.

Day 2 of our workshop and Peter has made a lovely expressive darkroom print on paper with some “liquid sunshine” and selenium toner

The right image can tell a story but, as with everything in life it is always open to interpretation.

Good morning from the Ilford FP4 100 expired

Crombie McNeill has been shooting film for longer than some of us have been around, and his story is fascinating which makes him the perfect interviewee for our 45th In Focus interview.

This week's theme is . Share your shots using these #'s and tell us which film you used.

With a choice of two films for today's theme. There were a lot of entries for us to go through today. Image

DAY SEVEN? Don't Delay. Shoot Today. This is your last day of shooting for . Rain or shine, you've got to get your winning Holga pics today. Good luck!

When Jennifer MacNeill's teenage daughter asked for the 3rd time to visit Eastern State Penitentiary, she knew she had to take something different with her to capture the historic prison.

We have shared similar quotes previously, but I don't think that makes this any less powerful or correct. What do you think?