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Did spectating randoms using an eyetracker and it's crazy how opposite the opinions were. They love it or hate it, no in between.

I think it being distracting is a solid argument, but not that there's no point.

What exactly is an eye tracker?


do a poll and everyone can vote on the channel

Nah, I'll still do what I want regardless.

I mean I don’t see the point in it being there while spectating, but on the other hand it’s not a bad addition either. I say keep it.

I am spectating as if I am playing so how is that different?

I think the people that don't understand yyy you're using it aren't getting the idea - what I took from it was that with you spectating it's alot easier for you to concentrate on the video n show us how/what you should be looking at i.e. the map every few seconds. Etc etc.

Eye tracker is a big W.

These kids who don't like it don't know how good they could have it. Eye tracker all day

I actually apreciate the eye traker my lil brother still learning how to played it and the first thing i did was to send him the video so he can use u as a refence and see how often u look at the little map , so thank u bro ur super helpful