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Jessica William

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she’s the style icon.

Happiest birthday thankyou so much for always being there for Jasmin and her fans, you've been our support system... I hope you achieve whatever you want in life and stay healthy.💌 HBD PANKAJ SIR

Mahhi being the sweetest ever right now!💗

Blessing your tl with her beautiful SMILE ✨

- for instant serotonin boost ♥️

this is just for fun (janhit mei jaari)😭 offend ho jao but idhar mat bajna

Deepika padukone X Levis

it’s 7pm and 66K Comments Done😍♥️ Next target is 68K till 7:30 Let’s do it Fam ASAP🥳 Join

What an amazing mv!🥺 Jasmin nailed it with her on point expressions and Amaal sir and sherya ma'am have such a soothing voice. Just can't stop watching and listening to this masterpiece.♥️ PyaarEkTarfaa OUT NOW

She nailed it man . Jasmin is raising bar higher with every performance she does . One of the finest actor I have ever seen . This one is definitely the best . you did your best and I loved it ❤️ PYAAR EK TARFAA OUT NOW

Lyrics,of so full of emotions,connecting to heart.♥️✨ & soulful voice will make u hear it on loop ‘s beautiful look expression & perfect chemistry with is just everything to watch for♥️♥️

Just look at her face and expressions. Such a Queeeen! 💗 PyaarEkTarfaa OUT NOW

Such a beautiful song 🥺♥️ Jas & Amaal are so adorable 😭 Voice+Looks+Vedio+Lyrics+Acting everything is so GOOD. PyaarEkTarfaa OUT NOW

lyrics, the music, the instruments used in this song - everything is so perfect. 'pyaar ek tarfaa' deserves soo much love and hype. And im sure will rock our screens PyaarEkTarfaa OUT NOW

We won't have even imagined lip syncing the legend in her mv. When we got to know about this collaboration, it took us some time to believe that it is happening for real. Super proud ♥️ PyaarEkTarfaa OUT NOW

I have already heard the song multiple times since it has been released on Spotify and Everytime I listen to this song, I love it a lil more than earlier 😍🔥 amazing 💘✨ PyaarEkTarfaa OUT NOW