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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

I'm so excited to finally debut my fursona! 🎉 Eclipse, the Chaos Clown Cat! 🌒🌔🤡🐱 Designed by my wonderful friend ; 💖 💖 Base by Vani

Took some time to try n’ learn how to draw and stylize canine noses bcuz that shit hard This is by no means 100% anatomically accurate but if you find it useful feel free to reference or trace it to your heart’s content

☆☆ feral chibi adopts!! ☆☆ $10 usd each, or $20 for +a cell shaded icon! paypal only, check below for availability ~

Copied: Yesterday a Native American student filmed this video in his Math class. After several minutes of the teacher “war hooping & tomahawk chopping” the student began filming because he, “felt that violence was being committed against him and he had the right to record.”

Math teacher at John W. North high school in Riverside, California dons headdress, does what I can only describe as an insanely racist presentation

quick question who wants to pay me 20 dollars for a fullbody coloured sketch like this (i will also skrulglkly-fy it)

🍁 FALL ANIMATION RAFFLE🍁 TO ENTER: 🎃like, retweet, and follow! 🎃comment a ref (or a meme if you don’t have/don’t want to post a ref) Winner gets a custom animated loop up to 5 seconds, with a simple background! (Similar to the animation below) 🎃Raffle ends Oct 25th 2021!

Zoroark was already one of my two favorite Pokémon, so seeing their new hisuian form was a treat.

Talking of survival, I still need to sell 112 more shirts to have Nov. rent. I have to sell 150 shirts every month, also not fun when you know you're always 150 shirts away from losing your home. So, please, buy my goodies at .

"It's not often I'm allowed beyond the castle walls...Oh, is that a lake? May we get a closer look?" "Of course, my liege."

Lost Family AU: The Champions Finally done! Their personality doesn't change much from canon so I focused on what they do in my au! Also this is Pre Calamity timeline

hi, even though nobody asked, here is my alternative to the mickey dick smasher for those with no penid, your welcome.

✨90s Anime Bust Raffle!✨ Win a cute lil bust drawing from me. 💫Rules:💫 - Like & RT this post 💗 - Comment an emoji below pls Ends: November 12! Gooooood luck!!

It was my birthday, and I know I have lots to do, but I had to in some way make this happen!🥳🌟New Animal Crossing chibi giveaway, retweet, follow, and tag a friend or someone that would love to receive a fully rigged custom live2D model! (video for reference) Good luck!🍀

i just had to spend a bit of money on packaging materials (packing tape, fragile stickers, shredded paper for fragile items), so i'm bumping this again :-) DM me with a ref if you'd like one! no pressure ofc, but RTs are very appreciated <3

NFTs are empowering artists (its true,, please trust us, this is good actually)

Oh hey um.... I missed a couple days of work because Ive been sick so I wanna try and make up for it with some sprite comms. Dm if you are interested ^^ It would be a big help!

Cancel for being stinky send tweet

So you know me wanting to make everything all cutesy and pretty and I NEED MY TH TO BE PRETTY 💖 so I'll be doing little icons like this In exchange for a 3 month toyhouse membership! ($9.95) <33 please DM if interested~