Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

The story of Crazy Frog and his crazy penis. NEW VIDEO:

The only thing I'm interested in is "Fat Tits".

All jokes aside, Alec Baldwins impression of Trump is pretty good, but his impression of Dick Cheney is killer

Saw the best thing ever today

Vice City remaster: Japanese release

If you’re getting pulled over by the cops and you’re drunk it’s already over for you, might as well go out in a shootout

I would never let any of the Flintstones touch me sexually. Sad that I even have to bring that up

what if i told you that spice is a metaphor for oil

Forgot to post this last week, but me and at the Indianapolis show after a damn fine set by .

just saw live was badass

Bravo Network reality show-ass, Real Housewives-ass, Million Dollar Listings-ass opening titles graphics

Ok Jill this is getting bloody daft…

just ordered a Bacon egg cheese from the bodega

She thought words came into your head in English and then you translated them to your native language to speak. IDK she was fucking weird.

why did a guy send me this

All tattoo artists IG are like “do not DM for appointment also no email do not look at me or refer to me btw I don’t do tattoos”

Behind the scenes of “Teletubbies” 1997

After three decades of terrorizing people with his video games and various other media Sonic the Hedgehog has finally been captured and deflated. Farewell, Sonic!