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Jessica William

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Happy Friday Twitterers all over the universe from me in my TARDIS. Peace✌️❤️🌍😎. The scarf & sonic screwdriver are real by the way but the TARDIS interior isn't. It's a downloaded pic of the TARDIS set. But the beauty of FaceApp means I can be inside the TARDIS - good eh😊

Nearly time for Sinkhole Street - sorry, I mean Coronation Street😜😁

What a coincidence. Just been watching The Creature From The Pit. Lalla Ward as the 2nd incarnation of Romana. Very different from Mary Tamm just as Tom Baker is different from Jon Pertwee. Like the Doctor she's a Timelord - & probably regenerated a few times by now in E Space😊

Getting plenty of 4th Doctor action this week. The Deadly Assassin, Genesis Of The Daleks & now watching The Creature From The Pit. Tom Baker is a legend😊

It's all going on on those cobbles this week - Ena Sharples must be turning in her grave😜😁. Yes it's been a brilliant & dramatic week in Corrie this week.

Brought a pumpkin. Nothing to do with Halloween - won't be making any Jack O Lanterns or whatever they're called out of this. This is food & a vegetable I've been meaning to try for a long time. I plan to use some of it in a beef stew over the weekend🎃😋👌

My very cheerful & playful cat this morning. She's lovely🐱😺❤️. Wishing you all a very happy Friday🍻✌️❤️🌍😎

The Doctor & the kitten - as apposed to the Doctor & the computerised dog😊. My cat also does this - jumps up while I'm having a coffee☕😺

Love The Pirate Planet. Douglas Adams delivers a 1st class script that's witty & full of imaginative sci fi ideas, Tom & Mary on top form, superb cast, sets & location work & a top notch music score as ever from Dudley Simpson. Doctor Who at it's very best.

Become good? It already is good. It's a brilliant work of art. Alisa is very talented. I couldn't do this. Absolutely love this❤️❤️

So cute. My real cat & toy cat together. She is quite taken with this🐱😺❤️

"Harry, I'm standing on a landmine" Genesis Of The Daleks😊

Watching one of the all time Doctor Who classics this evening😊

She's been asleep for most of the day but awake & lively now. My baby 🐱❤️

"No, Sir you cannot have a lamb madras with fried rice, naan bread & 2 poppadoms & no we don't deliver. This is not the Indian takeaway. You've dialed the wrong number. This is UNIT HQ & you are speaking to Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart" 😊

It's probably Chaser Mark the beast asking Bradley if he's got food in the fridge that he can have😜😂

My beautiful Rocksy this morning🐱😺❤️. Wishing you all a great day✌️❤️🌍😎

THE Doctor - the definate article you might say😊

"What do you mean 'You're out of jelly babies because of the lorry driver shortage'? Romana, trust the randomiser to bring us to Earth in October 2021" 😊