Jessica William

Graphic Designer

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PHP Developer


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Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

However cruel it may sound,it’s yet harsh fact. On serious note,non Muslims are forbidden to eat Halal as it demands bleeding animals to painful death. What use of 9 days prayers? Sadly,even baba Ramdev pays Halal Tax.Greed for money? Wake up call.

Bleeding animals to painful death can NEVER connect you to God. Short film below shows the mirror. Must Watch.

Feeling like sinked in the sea where there's no way out and just watching that big creature coming near and nearer🙁💫

Just a fact life seems better with friends than gf/bf😶 Though gf/bf is needed !!

Itni bar dekh lia lekin ek like nhi aaya 🙄kya baat hai👏🏻

When t-series about to make old song remix Bollywood singers

these day's in relationships one person is smart, practical, logical and the other one is in love

Everything is temporary but coming to twitter to check if WhatsApp and instagram is down is constant

Me running to Twitter to confirm that I am not the only one having issue with Whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook

Whatsapp Facebook and Instagram are down Meanwhile Twitter:- (Chori ka tweet)

hello literally everyone

59.6 million nuggets for my friends

Asa sabke sath hota hai ya me akeli hu ki jab b koi acha idea aata hai tab likh nhi pate or fir bhul jate h ki kya idea tha😑

Ye ishq usi se kyu hota hai jo kismat me nhi hota!!!💔 -from a movie

Your skin always looks better when you get you hair done