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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Paulo Fonseca is open and ready to accept Newcastle job. The board is still thinking about candidates, Antonio Conte is not even an option - former Roma and Shakhtar manager is frontrunner as of now. 🇵🇹 Fonseca wants Premier League chance after Spurs talks last summer.

5 fucking Balón D’ors Like some people can be fucking daft

I tell MAGA that Starbucks is run by ANTIFA.

In a sane world , the media would ask these GOP members which of these they don’t support , and Why ? But Naah, the story is gonna be about how Democrats couldn’t pass this .

I completely forgot Teun Koopmeiners played against us last night . Had an assist and everything lol

Americans Blaming high gas prices and Inflation on Biden is pretty interesting lmao

Money does not make you cooler than anyone else. It’s about your character and how you operate as a person.

If Dems fail to reform filibuster to pass Freedom to Vote Act, GOP will retake power through voter suppression, gerrymandering & election subversion and use that power to overturn future elections. Don’t say you weren’t warned

Breaking: Senate Republicans block debate on Freedom to Vote Act It’s completely undemocratic that 41 GOP senators representing just 21% of country can filibuster legislation supported by 70% of Americans that would expand voting access for tens of millions

Long as you keep it real with me, never lie and maintain being honest even if something is going to hurt me, I’ll never turn my back on you, that’s goes for everybody, family, friends, etc, everybody

People compared Vidic to Van Djik bro 😂😂

Tim Scott , Condoleezza Rice , Candace Owens , Ben Carson , Diamond & Silk

Dawg this is one of the greatest tik toks Iv ever seen

Lmao with all due respect , this is some nonsense . How can you “ cry “ over the assault over our democracy , and then wanna move on so fast lmao . Lemme hear man

CRT doesn’t mean teaching white kids that they are “ oppressors “ and teaching Black kids that they are “ Victims “ … Anyone with this definition is a student of Fox News , with a Masters from YouTube University