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Kerem at Verissimo translation thread besties ❤️‍🔥

Kerem at Verissimo translation thread besties ❤️‍🔥

S asks him how is it going he says it’s amazing, he loves the love, he hopes ppl love him. S asks him if he expected the success, he says he didn’t, but the positive aspect is that act doesn’t have a language barriers and it’s amazing how a turkish show is so loved in Italy

S asks him how does it feel to be so loved, he says its amazing, beautiful. S tells him he’s travelled a lot, and that he’s been living in usa for 11 years

when he was born in ist he doesn’t know that he was gonna travel the world. He leaves turkey with his mum and sis to go with his dad, usa, europe, asia. Every 3 years he starts his life in a new side of the world

few months after graduation he moves to usa, and there he gets his first jobs, but coming back to turkey brings him the success. Once again his destiny is the one to not have any limits

S says he starts traveling when he was a baby and asks if there’s some place that has a special place in his heart and he says Indonesia, he loved it as a kid, animals the jungle he loved it He says they moved cause of his father and his job and that it was difficult moving

all the time but as a kid he thought that every kid lived the same life, but when he realized it wasn’t like that it became hard cause you start creating connections but then you have to leave

he says his fam is very close, they were eo’s support through it all. S asks him what his parents tought him and he says that the main thing was that to be respectful, to accept everyone and try to understand them always, so respect was their first lesson

he says his mom is very special, she volunteered, so since they were kids they got taught that helping others is very important

s asks about his grandpa. He says that a few months before leaving them he was reading the newspaper with him, that he loved learning new stuff all the time, he considers himself an old soul but his grandpa never was he was always open to learning new things

S asks about his jobs in usa and he says he was a driver for famous actors in LA (and we all know that story so imma leave it sksjs)

S asks him if he was good at it and he thinks he was, he thinks he was good at it, he remembers that before becoming a personal trainer he used to clean gym bathrooms and it was fun for him, he also was a waiter at a club and he talks about the weird hours he had to work

but now the interesting thing about acting is that you never have a certainty, what counted for him wsnt becoming famous but if he was gonna be able to enjoy it all, cause when you get where you are you start missing the days you had to work to get there

S tells him he graduated to have a plan B but he says his dad wanted it cause he didn’t want him to Become an actor, his mum was his secret admirer tho she helped him through it all

S asks what his dad thinks now and he says he thinks he’s happy but he’s not sure, he has never really asked him, they used to discuss a lot on the topic when he moved to LA after he received a good offer in marketing, his family wanted him to accept that offer

but he declined it and told them that we all are gonna die one day so why not do it. But he says dad is happy cause he is

S asks how it was to get famous back in tr, he says it was an interesting process after living in so many places. He used to go to school in Texas and everyone would ask about his name, and he’d say he was turkish but it was weird cause he had never lived in turkey

He didn’t know Turkey that much so going back was interesting, he got to know his roots. And then when he started getting famous it was a good feeling cause that’s what he wanted, cause when he did auditions in la ppl always asked him where he was from they didn’t believe him

S asks why gender equality means so much, he says this world isn’t right and he sees it everyday, no man will ever know how women feel to live in this society, how they have to overthink how to wear, which road to take and so he says that we all are the same but

the situations we live in aren’t. He says it’s important men talk with other men about these issues, not with women cause they go through it so they know, so it’s important to spread it between men mainly

S talks about EdSer and says that that love became then a real one

they’re describing sck’s story and how they characters change and the contract and everything y’all know this don’t make me say it

but THEN acting turned into real love ask var yall ne güzel

they say they share the same dreams, the Maldive pic they reveal their rs, like eda and serkan their friendship turned into something pure and sincere

He says it’s the first time he sees those scenes PAMEHAHHAHAHAHA

S asks why did they decide to make it public and he says why not, he believes in the truth and it’s his life at the end of the day no matter paparazzis and everything but he wants to live his life freely

S asks when did it start, he says he’s not sure, after a while, they were really good friends and he thinks that’s the first time smth like that happened to him, falling in love in a set, for both him and hande it was important to respect their job and they had talked it out

they became really good friends, he says she’s a beautiful woman, but she’s also someone of whom he cared a lot, he says she’s amazing In everything so after a while it happened, it became hard keep thinking she was just a friend

He says he waited a while tho and Silvia says they’re beautiful together he says it’s All on her she’s amazing

S says his eyes sparkle when he talks about her

S hopes Hande can make it to Verissimo soon, she hopes to have her there one day and he hopes it too