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Jessica William

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John Doe

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My house was built i 1927 and my Rhododendrons were probably planted around that time.

It's my first year growing Dahlia Twinings white Chocolate and I'm very pleased with her 🌸

The very odd looking Geranium Phaeum Joseph Green....

This is such a brilliant perenial. Flowers all summer long - Persicaria Affinis

Rose Scaevola aemula is looking more amazing now than in the summer 😁

Heartbreaking 😔 I'm ashamed that Faroe Islands is a part of Denmark

This Dahlia should have been pink! Don't you just hate that...🙄

Love this Cosmos Apricote Lemonade and it's been flowering for months

Hibiscus Starburst Chiffon....don't ask why I didn't buy it, when I saw it at the gardencenter today.... 🙄 Regretting....

It's 21.22 Friday evening. The temperatur is 19 outside and I'm sitting on my terrace listening to the owls 🦉

Uuhhh... very pink! Phlox Glamor girl really brightens up the flowerbed

My latest purchase - Anemone Elfin Swan. Not very hardy in Denmark, but I can't resist buying a new one every year 😉

Not mine, but I want one! Plumbago....

Ravishing as always - Dahlia Teesbrooke Audrey 💕

This handsome fellow is turning 12 years today....they just grow up so damn fast... 🐈 Happy birthday Viggo 🥳

Thalictrum Splendid purple still flowering... 💜

I thought I had lost my Geranium Crystal lake, but it has survived the cold winter and are more beautiful than ever 💕

A little selfseeded Geranium Versicolor 🌸