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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

Just want to let anyone know, Im a black guy who's been trying to convince people who deny that the obvious discrimination against black people in this country is a serious problem for a while now. I tweet and retweet about a lot. So dont follow if you don't want to see that

Has he tried getting in one little fight so his mom gets scared ?

My coworkers shouldn't have told me I can request songs to be played over the speakers. I'm holding this gym hostage with Marina and the Diamonds

wtf do people expect when they name their in game accounts shit like MAGA and Trump2020? Do they think all the snowflake libs are gonna see their name and be like

Niggas got a deep fired Declaration of Independence

how does this show up on mobile twitter

I don't understand shit talking if you don't mean it lmao. Two dudes were talking so much shit to each other in search and destroy in league play and now they're duoing together like they're homies?????

At work I got pissed when I clean the bathrooms because people leave the weirdest shit in the showers. This random dude tells me "don't get too mad. I think of it that I must have sinned and the dirty bathroom I have to clean is my punishment" and I'm just like??????

Honestly bruh I'm not even worried about the meatloaf burger part why tf are you boutta cook burgers in the fucking air fryer

My new manager thought I was 19

its october 18th, rt dis if you richer than the US government😹🚬

In the last 5 games of league play there was one person always calling me sweaty. They were calling me sweaty for trying in ranked...

The Rock raps exactly how I would expect a 6'5" 270lb bag of ground beef to rap

If we're friends and you can relate to this we're not friends anymore

*Mr. Beast gathering content creators and his subscribers to play games to win money for the 50th time*: "I sleep 😴😴" *Mr. Beast doing literally the same exact thing except this time they're in Squid Game costumes: 😡😡😡😡