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Jessica William

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And just like the moon, we must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again... 🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕

Fixing your Deen is not merely praying 5 times a day and reciting the Quran regularly,It is also fixing your character,the manner in which you behave when you interact with others and speak,as well as the people you surround yourself with,It is all about correcting your Akhlaaq.

Don't misjudge someone's character. Your assumption may make someone's life uncertain. Remember! Staying judgment-free costs nothing but pays a huge outcome. Try to be positive.

Give your Deen the same importance you give to your degree even though it can never be equal to it. A person with Islamic knowledge will always be superior than one who does not, so achieve both because you have Allah on your side and with Him(Allah) you can get both worlds.

There will be a time when people will make fun of you, will try to put your morale down, will try to pull you back don't forget to speak for yourself and raise your voice because no one has the right to make you feel wrong about yourself.

A sincere call to the Almighty can change what you may have thought was impossible to change. Never lose hope.

زندگی ایک آئینہ ہے۔ اسے بیزار ہو کر دیکھیں گے تو بیزار ہوتے جائیں گے۔ مسکراتے ہوئے دیکھیں گے تو مسکراتے چلے جائیں گے۔

Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak! Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save lives.♥️

I decided to leave Twitter. I don't know when I'll be back I appreciate the support u guys gave. You all are amazing, stay safe and be kind to yourself. Blessings.♥️

موت کا نزدیک آنا بھی انسان کو سوبر بنا دیتا ہے۔

A very happy and healthy Eid Mubarak to you all !! Dont forget to practise social distancing and do follow SOPs !!♥️

Work on things people can't take away from you. Things like your Character, Personality, Transparency, your entire being.

Choose prayer over worry always. Worry changes nothing but prayer changes everything. If You’re stuck in worry mode, You’ll end up with more worries. It never ends. One worry leads to another. Quit worrying and start praying. Trust GOD with the outcome.

Do not be impatient for the result of Your Prayers, because if You Trust GOD, then Trust HIS timings too...!

Aleways USE branded ITEMS in Life: For lips ......... TRUTH For Voice .......PRAYER For EYE ..........SYMPATHY For Hand .......CHARITY For Heart .......LOVE For Face .........SMILE

God is not punishing you, He is preparing you. Trust his Plans, not your pain.

You are born unique. Try to find out your uniqueness so you can understand yourself in a better way. If you will keep letting people to tell you what you want or what you should do all the time, you probably will lose the confidence to take decisions by yourself.

ایک ہزار کتابیں پڑھیے۔۔!! پھر آپ کے الفاظ میں دریاؤں کی سی روانی آ جائے گی۔

Rules you should assign to live a happy positive life: -Say no to Regrets. -Don't please others while your inner self remains uncomfortable. -Try to accept everything wisely i.e; imperfections,faults,mistakes,etc. -Stay faithfull. -Be grateful. -Stay complications free.

Learn to live with criticism. It’s part of life. In this day and age, you’ll face critics at every turn; everywhere You go. Take it in Your stride. Don’t stress over it. If it’s constructive criticism, use it to improve Yourself. If it’s destructive, ignore it. Let it go!

Perhaps You’re so kind because the world has been unkind to You & You don’t want others to experience what You went through. Remember, never let others dull Your shine. Be an excellent example to others. Never mind if they don’t deserve it...!