Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer


Wordpress Developer

Bill Gates

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Jessica William

Graphic Designer

John Doe

PHP Developer

❤️🍒🩸there are only 4 days left to pre-order vol 2 of the cherry zine! ❤️🍒🩸❤️store. amsbt. com !❤️

the most cheerful tarantula

2016 me was so powerful i miss my halloween ocs so much

awooooo barkbarkbarkbark

shitty quality pic lol but my fallen angel sweater arrived today and i love it!! 🥺💕💕 its perfect!!! ✨✨💖

more self care animal crossing stream i have been.. busy bee

I’m still dealing with crippling anxiety brain worms so I’m sorry for peacing out but I attempted a Shiloh

deleting wolf town on stream and starting over

omfg i can't wait to bully goss harag again

going through vids daydreaming about playing bow in rise again ooooo the parry wing break I DROOL

me up at 3am by myself: yeah but if i streamed animal crossing it doesn't really count right lmao

our NDA for New World lifted just in time for   today, so here’s what I’ve been working on for the past year! I’ll be posting more art from New World this week. artstation: website: instagram:

I think bc my brain is exploding I’m going to pass on streaming for the rest of the month, I just need the biggest social break rn 😭

My anxiety has been so crippling lately that when the lady at the dmv told me to “come back later” bc I forgot 1 utility bill, I just started crying in the middle of the dmv lmao & my l*ft driver on the way home was so kind & chatty that I cried more when I got in my house 💀😭

wrapping this up on stream today (hopefully) also might play games later w the boys, but we'll see how i feel about streaming it 🔥🔥

Nap was so worth it. Ordering food & crawling to my desk to stream. See ya in a few

stream is still on for today but i'm gonna take a frickin NAP beforehand see you in a few hrsssss