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Jessica William

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Behold! The hearts find rest in God’s remembrance! ❤❤❤

💌 Surely with difficulty is ease; With difficulty is surely ease ❤

💌 Keep different ideas together in order to catch the truth and agitate thoughts like agitating musk for butter in order to bring about the true and firm thoughts 🌸

road is a thick string sewing hearts together, one stich a step. What threat lies in Arbaeen for the oppressor that its news is censored by them?

Here, no one asks about your nationality, religion or social status; you are valued and respected for your own sake in an unprecedented way. Here, people treat you as their master, , taught them to.

Over 50 million meals a day for free. This isn't provided by the rich. Those who have taken a line from Hussain's story, many of them in real need themselves, save money a whole year to spend for others on the Arbaeen Walk. They do it out of love for Hussain.

Your steps in this path play a symphony of love ... a heavenly love that is interpreted on earth! Melody of steps in

Where in the world did you see that 20 million people of different religions moved to achieve a common goal (namely, Hussein) in peace and friendship? Imam Hussein is the source of peace and friendship

In which tourist tour is everything free ?! They sacrifice not only their property but also their lives for the pilgrims .

The savior introduces himself to the world through Imam Hussain after his second coming, so the world should know Imam Hussain, and the Arbaeen pilgrimage is the best opportunity to make it so😍

In Hussaini Arbaeen, millions of people from different races and nationalities mourn; Is this not a verse from the Bible? That the Savior will appear when different tribes around the world mourn? Look for the Savior in Hussaini Arbaeen🖤

Arbaeen is full of those who provide water,food,service,& even fixing devices for free & greatly enjoy it. For booking in Karbala,you don't need to spend money on hotels since its people value hosting you for you are the pilgrim of Imam Hussain ❤❤❤

Children see and understand things we don't understand. What have these children seen on the Arbaeen path that they don't get tired of walking on this way?!!

The captives of Karbala settled in a house near Yazid's palace. It is narrated that the three-year-old daughter of Imam Hussein,Roghayeh,was eager to see her father,and Yazid showed her father's beheaded head and she died seeing her father's holy head 😭😭😭

Maybe your faith in the Bible has faded, maybe you think this is the only world that exists! I have a suggestion for you that will turn your life upside down for the better. Matthew, chapter 24, read verses 30-39 and look at the Arbaeen pilgrimage...

Zionist regime invades Palestinian houses, captures the children and tortures them, and slaughters them for the crime of being a Palestinian and living in their own home...

The Promised Savior who accompanied by Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him), will come and fill the world with justice and equity is from the descendants of Fatima ❤

The Promised savior is the son of free Hussain who brings righteousness and justice into the world. 🏴

Of Son of man signs of advent is that all nations around the world are doing the chest beating ritual when he comes;Isn't it so that nowadays nations around the world only beat themselves in Karbala and on the day of Arbaeen(40days after Hussain's martyrdom)every year?

If you try to be successful in the afterlife, you will achieve this lofty aspiration